House update

17 Mar

6 groups through last Thursday – 1 asked whether we would consider selling before auction & asked for a copy of the vendor’s statement

19 groups through on Saturday – 3 or 4 asked the same question.

The guy who offered before is not willing to go any higher. I said well, we’re not interested in selling at that price – and the agent agreed that he would definitely not recommend it.

F has, I think, settled into the idea of going to BGG.con. Feels like it might make up a little for me GOING TO ESSEN!

*explodes a little*

In other news: 2 new projects about to start. Of course, school holidays start on Thursday for 2 weeks, too. I never have enough notice to organise vacation care.

Schedule for this week:

  • stay up really really late to try to work on rules (each night)
  • go to work Tuesday (write project documentation)
  • French class Tuesday night (still need to do homework & revision – this is suffering a bit at the moment & not getting as much attention as it should)
  • meeting Wednesday (other project startup)
  • workout with trainer Thursday (she says tomorrow is too hot)
  • Salsa Sunday!

whoo hoo!

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Posted by on March 17, 2008 in grand plans, realestate, to-do


One response to “House update

  1. RacingHippo

    March 18, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    BGG.con for Essen – yeah, that’s a fair deal 🙂
    Mind you, I know where I’d rather be – just think of all that Ameritrash! Euw!


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