Saying thankyou

28 Mar

The girls came back from 2 days at my parents’ today – we met at a local cafe so I could treat them all to lunch (yum!). Sadly, Otto’s hair is full of paint that did not wash out with shampoo – to the point that I suspected I might have to get it cut off.

After lunch, I had my hair cut.

Now for the boys (who do not instinctively understand these things) “having my hair cut” means a pleasurable ritual of waxing (ow!), colour, wash, cut, style that typically takes about 2 hours every 8 weeks or so.

Scheduling this for school holidays was not, perhaps, the smartest move I have ever made.

Except for the lovely, lovely staff there.

I went prepared – Biggie had two books with her, as well as my iPod (a rare treat). Otto had the latest Dora the Explorer and Fifi and the Flowertots magazines.


First, the beauty therapist tried a citrus solvent to try to get the paint out of Otto’s hair (sadly, no luck, but props to her for trying). Then, she sat down with Otto to read her the stories in the Dora the Explorer magazine.

Meanwhile, the hairdressing apprentice asked whether she could braid Biggie’s hair.

Then the beauty therapist had a great idea and got out some acetone, which she managed to use to melt some of the paint in Otto’s hair. She decanted some into a little container for me to take home to finish the job.

Meanwhile, my hairdresser had settled down for a chat while the colour did its stuff, so she grabbed the nail polish remover and gave me a mini manicure while we yakked.

Later, the beauty therapist and another of the hairdressers (it was an uncharacteristically slow day) played hide and seek with Otto and fed the girls hot chocolates and Easter eggs.

Days like this are why I go back there again and again and again. Both girls are busy drawing Thankyou pictures to drop in tomorrow.

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