Another Crazy Mad Day …

31 Mar

I had a 12 noon meeting today – just a quick, 45 minute catch-up. Problem: Both kids are still home on school holidays. Solution: Drop them at Fraser’s work at 11.30 for a lunch date with Daddy.

That would have worked nicely, except that F is still missing his mobile phone and the building was evacuated at around 11.15 … add some confusion about street names and it’s almost a miracle that we ever met up! The meeting went well, and quickly, and I was back to collect them by 12.40 – luckily they spotted me as I was about to head over the road to F’s work.

Home via the post office, I made myself some lunch and let Otto out into the back yard to practise riding her new scooter. Then I napped for a while (still not sleeping more than about 5 hours at a stretch, which is considerably less sleep than I need in 24 hours) and woke to find our cleaner was here. Oops.

Proving that I can be a domestic goddess when required (except when tidying up is on the agenda), I cooked chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta, ham and semi-dried tomatoes for dinner — then went out before they were cooked, as I’d promised to take the Bigster to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. Fraser and Otto tell me they were delicious (I’m saving mine for lunch tomorrow as I indulged in a choc-top and popcorn at the movies).

I’ve not read any of the books (Biggie has read #1) so I can’t really comment on how faithful a rendition it was, but it was a delightful kids’ movie. Not much there for the adults, but it was a nice story and seemed to be well executed. It felt like it stuck pretty closely to its storyline, so I’m guessing that the writers followed the books fairly closely.

Biggie, of course, loved it.

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Posted by on March 31, 2008 in family, movies, to-do, work


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