04 Apr

There is something wrong with my nose.

No, I do not mean that its stunning beauty has been marred in any way, shape or form … but something has got into it.

You know when you are eating and someone starts talking about Richard the Third and you giggle and accidentally inhale the crumbs? or does that only happen to me? Well, it feels like that.

Anyway. As of this morning, I seem to have something in my nose. Something annoying, something occasionally painful.

I even went to the doctor to get it checked out, it was annoying me so much, but she couldn’t see anything. Meanwhile, I am blowing my nose and occasionally rubbing my cheek and forehead in the hope that THE HORROR WILL STOP. Also kind of stressing to various people that I do not put things up my nose willingly or for recreational purposes so whatever it is that is in there HAS NO BUSINESS BEING THERE.

Tonight, it seems to have moved from my right nostril/sinus cavity to my left nostril. My latest theory? It’s Alive!

That’s right folks. Just another day or two and something unutterably disgusting (and also slime-covered) will come crawling out of my nose.

OMG, maybe it is Baby Spiders? Hundreds of snot-covered Baby Spiders? They might come pouring out while I am at Games on Saturday. I wonder whether it is safe to put A WHOLE ROW OF CANS OF FLY SPRAY up your nose just in case.

The doctor’s theory was that I am probably getting a cold.

I almost prefer the Baby Spiders.

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Posted by on April 4, 2008 in health, not your earth logic


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