Gaming Saturday

06 Apr

I spent most of Saturday at the Toy, Game and Hobby trade fair. More about this on Boardgamenews on Tuesday.

From there, Fraser and I headed to Eurogamesfest – to find that Bridge had not finished yet and the little room at the end was full. We decided on an early dinner and wandered over the road to the cafe/bar – only to discover that the kitchen was closed. Luckily we had taken a card game, so we bought drinks and sat around playing Mystery Rummy #4 (Al Capone) for 45 minutes or so.

This was my first play of this Mystery Rummy game and, to me, it seemed the least similar. With no points to be lost for unplayed cards, my strategy was mostly to collect as many sets as I could and then play them all out in one swell foop in round 4 or so. It worked well, giving me a fairly significant win.

Back over the road and we broke out Archaeology: the card game. I was keen to try this, having already bought myself/us a copy when it came out. I’d heard good things about it, too – it’s one of the nominees for the Best Australian Game award.

Archaeology is a very light, set-collecting card game. It’s almost entirely luck-driven, which is probably OK given its 5-10 minute playing time. I found it a bit frustrating, though – my bad luck with cards and dice is legendary in our home and it didn’t get any better during the game. I think it would have been OK except for the Map cards – for 1 Map, you can take 3 cards, for 2 you can take 5 and for 3 you can take 7.  Only problem was, I never even saw a map until the very end of the game, when it was too late to take the little sets (someone had already taken them) and too late to collect cards for the big set. I did find this frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad game at all – it was just frustrating to me yesterday.

The last game of the day for me was Agricola – a 5 player family game, with 2 newbs. This was the first time we’d played with the “official” new spaces and I do prefer them with that number of people – it seemed to stop people from being shut out quite so easily.

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