12 Apr

About to go to bed, I remembered the auction again, so now I am awake and all tied up in knots again.

So why is this auction so important to me?

We don’t really HAVE to sell – it just seemed like a good time to do it. Selling will let us be debt-free which seems almost like a fantasy at this point – although it will mean that we ‘only’ have the one house. We’ve worked really hard for the last 11 years to keep both houses, so selling was by no means a no-brainer for us. I confess, I’d often thought that we’d one day sell THIS house but keep the other for when the girls are at University or working.

But selling – and getting rid of debt – opens up so many possibilities for us.

When I was at University, I caught the travel bug and promised myself that I would travel regularly. After living in Austria for a year, I promised myself that I’d go back to Europe at least every 5 years to keep my Mad Deutsch Skillz and – let’s be honest – just to travel.

I came back from Austria in 1993, and settled down.

In 1995, we went to New Zealand for a week, to stay with family.

In 1998, I won a trip to the UK and we spend 5 weeks there (Biggie was 7 weeks old when we left).

I haven’t left Australia since. Hell, I’ve barely left Melbourne since then.

Regular readers will know that I kind of have an Essen Obsession. And that I plan to go there, this year. (As compensation, Fraser is going to BGG.con).

Except that if we don’t sell the house, then I can’t go. And nor can Fraser. Because our disposable income will be doing responsible things like NOT being disposed of because it is servicing debt. I think we pay something over $20,000 in non-deductible interest a year – that’s a lot of travel. And we bought at a time when housing stock was CHEAP – I know plenty of people who are paying around twice that!

If we DO sell the house, we will ALL go to Essen next year. Actually, we’ll have a Big European Holiday next year. And there will be the possibility of one or all of us going again, in other years. Or to the US. AND/or to the US, even. Probably without even eating into the capital from the sale of the house, because we can save money instead of using it to service housing debt.

I have been responsible and mature for 11 years.

And I am so absolutely, totally, unbelievably sick of it.

If the house sells, I can live to do the things I love, instead of living to pay the mortgage.


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Posted by on April 12, 2008 in grand plans, realestate


One response to “Why?

  1. jon

    April 12, 2008 at 10:14 am

    The house will sell for a record amount. You’ve already had offers. The staging is excellent, the bids will flood in, you’ll get a record amount for a Melbourne house, because you deserve it.


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