More auction – and SHOPPING!

14 Apr

The neighbours ran a sweep on what the house would go for. Our ex-tenant got 530,000 but lost out to Sue over the road who got 535 exactly.

The guy who bought actually went around introducing himself to the neighbours that morning – “I’m probably going to buy this house” – wish someone had told us that!

Lots of people asked what we are going to do now.

  • Pay off debt (inc mortgages on both houses)
  • Buy a new sofa (I bought our current one when I was 18, the straps have broken, etc etc)
  • Paint the outside of this house (this is really a home maintenance thingy)

Also, I would like to:

  • Buy some shelves that fit beside the french doors for our games so we don’t block the windows with a bookshelf anymore
  • Get a folding table for the spare room/games room, so we have room to spill over when we have more than a table of gamers
  • Maybe get some curtains made – it would cut our heating bills and be nice.
  • Get a GHD straightening iron.

Wow, extravagant, huh. 😉

Fraser has wanted for years to have a Mac again. And a decent stereo. I think he should get ’em.

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Posted by on April 14, 2008 in realestate


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