“Good job”?

16 Apr

I’ve just sent the first of a series of 5 pieces of work off to a new client.

I didn’t get a great deal of direction on this project, so I really don’t know what they were looking for me to do. I certainly spent the time on it, but I don’t feel there’s a huge amount to show for it.

I’ve asked him to call me tomorrow so we can discuss. I feel like I have missed something – but maybe they just gave me a good doc to work with and it didn’t need a lot of tightening up.

Anyway, it’s finished and sent off, (almost) on time. They wanted it by 5 and I think my timestamp says 5.07 – not bad, given that we were gone for our dental excursion from 10 till nearly 3!

Both girls had to have drilling today. Biggie had a damaged filling, so the dentist drilled it – poor brave Biggie tried to do it without anaesthesia (most of the drilling was on the filling) but she just couldn’t. She begged not to have the anaesthetic – turns out, she is afraid of the post-dentist numbness. Poor kid. She wept through the whole procedure and really looked about as shell-shocked as I always feel after a trip to the dentist.

Then it was Otto’s turn. This was her third visit and the first one where we actually managed to get her in the chair. Well, almost in the chair – I lay in it and she lay on top of me.

I’m not sure why they didn’t anaesthetise her – she had a little hole that needed filling – but right at the end it got really painful for her, and she started screaming. The positive effect of this was that she opened her mouth. The negative was that she was incredibly distressed and amazingly noisy. It was quite a traumatic visit for her and she got very stubborn about NOT wanting to open up. Sorry, kiddo. It broke my heart to see you there but I just had to hold you still. Something tells me that this daughter may end up with my irrational fear of strangers who try to put their latex-gloved hands in your mouth.

Dentist’s advice for next (6 monthly) checkup? Stay away, mum. Let dad try bringing them. That works out nicely, as they’re due back there in October.

After the dentist there was a quick shopping trip where they scored bigtime and I didn’t find the book I was looking for. Then lunch at a cafe (OMG chicken foccacia with avocado and walnuts – yum).

Lastly, a stop at the Language International bookshop where I bought a French book and CD about Alex Leroc, Journaliste (Jeux dangereux – it’s a crime story) with exercises and questions to follow up after each instalment. I’m pretty happy with the classes I am taking, but there is very little listening and even fewer opportunities to actually speak, so I felt I needed to do a bit extra.

The first time I learned French, I apparently had a quite pronounced German accent – no idea what I have now but it’s not good. I figure a bit of listening is not going to hurt, even if it is cheesy:

Dan Desrolles risque sa vie pour de l’argent, beaucoup d’argent. Il pratique les sports extrêmes et offre des sensations fortes au public. Alex et ses collègues de L’Avis ont l’exclusivité pour réaliser une série de reportages sur l’acrobate. Ils observent que certaines personnes s’intéressent à Desrolles pour des raisons mystérieuses. La vie de Dan est vraiment en danger.


I also grabbed the Bescherelle French Verb reference that our teacher recommended. It claims to be a complete guide to conjugating 12000 French verbs. I suspect I could live with 100 or so for now.

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