ConVic Day 1 – games played

20 Apr

1. Agricola – family game (teaching), 3 player.

2. Make ‘n’ Break Extreme

3. Agricola – family game (teaching), 5 player.


4. Airships. Fell a bit flat but I’d like to try it one more time.

5. Wits & Wagers. OK party game. I wasn’t excited.

6. Hamburgum. Enjoyed this but unfortunately fell asleep with my eyes open and started hallucinating when I tried to stay awake and play. Standing up helped with the not-asleep part but not entirely with the hallucinating part. I kept trying to work out where to place my Family members, and once where to place my Dog. My opponents graciously claim that I was making sense, but I think they were sparing my feelings. I lost but not horribly, and would like to try this again.

Still enjoying Twitter. I am – I can’t mobile post to this blog but I can to twitter.

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Posted by on April 20, 2008 in games


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