Friday game night

27 Apr

We started games early on Friday, as it was a public holiday (ANZAC Day – one of the three really “big” public holidays here – the other two are Good Friday and Christmas Day).

We ended up with 5 – our friend J, a very competitive (and very strong) gamer; P, a german friend; and P’s non-gamer girlfriend M.

First game to the table was Ricochet Robots, an old-but-new-to-us game which has been recommended a few times lately. Fraser had played this before, but the rules explainer had missed the rule about moving other robots, which is what makes the game really interesting. I liked this a lot, but the results supported the old adage about men being better spatial thinkers than women. I think I’ll have to get it out and play by myself a few times before I dare it in public again.

Results: P 7, Fraser 6, Me 2, J and M 1 each.

Moving to easier fare as we sent Fraser out to pick up dinner (mmmm – kebabs), we took out Time’s Up (the older one, not the one I am reliably assured is ‘good’), a party game that seemed more appropriate for a non-gamer. It was a combination of Pictionary and Charades. I think M enjoyed it, I didn’t much, not sure about the others. I know P had problems with some of the phrases – and some of them were so ‘English’ that none of us knew what they were. I still have no idea how to mime “Milk Chocolate”.

Results: J led throughout and won.

Sticking with party games, we dug out Sorts, which Fraser has been judging (and therefore playing quite a bit) for Boardgames Australia’s Best Australian Game award. This is probably my party game of choice now (although I am not sure how much of a recommendation that is, as I am not really a keen party gamer). The game involves sorting a series of things into order – you get points for each item that is in the right position. Again, Peter felt that this was a tough one for him.

Rather than just being a “first to X points” game (which I think I would prefer), the publishers added a board, so players move from start to finish. While a ‘normal’ space scores 1 point for each correct answer, there are others that also deduct a point for each INcorrect answer – and even a couple where you score 1 point for a correct answer but lose 2 for each that is wrong. This means that the end of the game can stagnate somewhat – we eventually decided to just play 3 more cards and then call the game.

Classic moments from the game.

  • Tick the 4-sided shapes (max 3): parallellogram, rhombus, heptagon, trapezium, pentagon.
    Me: That’s easy.
    Others: huh?
    Someone: I can’t remember what a trapezium is.
    P: It’s 2 lines parallel and 2 not.
    Everyone else: Oh, well, in that case … (add ticks)
  • Sort these movies featuring Tom Cruise by their release date (earliest > latest): War of the Worlds, Vanilla Sky, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire,  Collateral
    Not the most interesting question … but I was on the 1 forward, 2 back space and managed to lose 10 points on this question. Stupid scoring track.
  • Sort these songs by length (longest > shortest): Hotel California (The Eagles), Bat out of Hell (Meatloaf), American Pie (Don McLean), Unchain my heart (Joe Cocker), Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)

An individual question may not be super-exciting but at least the game moves fast enough for that not to become a problem. One thing I like is that the ‘answer sides’ of the cards actually give a little more information – the number of sides on the various shapes, the years the movies were released, the duration of the songs.

Results: Fraser won

We finished early – about 9pm. Next time, I’m hoping for some more meaty gaming.

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