28 Apr

More reasons to love Biggie’s Recorder teacher:

(random chat about sleepwalking)

Me: I talk in my sleep.

Recorder teacher: That could be dangerous.

Me (thinks): OMG I love you!

Fraser maintains that it typically takes 3 questions to establish whether I am awake or not. I’m not so sure, after Sunday (I was napping).

Fraser: Who is this person who is texting you?

Me: Mumble

Fraser: Huh?

Me: Mumble (something), Reeds, Police.

All that I remember is that I was quite angry that he kept asking me about this when I was giving a clear and obvious answer.

Possibly another Agricola hallucination?

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Posted by on April 28, 2008 in games, not your earth logic


One response to “Sleeptalking

  1. RacingHippo

    April 29, 2008 at 2:27 am

    I read to H in bed (yeah, I know… 😉 ).
    If I suspect that she’s dozed off, I’ll ask her if she’s still awake and usually get the last sentence sleepily repeated to me.
    After doing this a few times, we found that the following night she’d have no recollection of the passage, or of reciting that sentence…

    I have taken to inserting random vegetables into the prose if I suspect she’s nodded off. Occasionally I’ll be wrong: “A chain of franchised artichokes?!”


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