French class

04 May

I realise I have not written much about this recently.

Last term, I realised that I had fallen into high school habits of not volunteering answers and pretending to be more uncertain than I was (at times, when I was confident of the answer). This is dumb for many reasons, so I gave myself a mental slap. I still tended not to volunteer answers, at least without waiting to see if anyone else knew the answer, but I stopped playing dumb and I asked for details if I had a different answer than the one that was offered. Amazing how bad learning behaviours can stick with you even *mumble* years later.

This term (which started last week), I am doing an “intensive” level 3-4 class. That means 3 hours every Wednesday night, plus attached homework. Instead of a class of 7, I am in a class of 4, which is the perfect number – classes of 3 are cut back to 8 weeks instead of 10. Everyone is a motivated learner, which should be good.

I am a little concerned about the speed of the class, though. The other people in the class all did Intensive level 1-2 classes last term, and only got part way into level 2, which technically goes to the end of chapter 3 of our books. The class has to start at the start of chapter 4, so they have missed half to two thirds of chapter 2. This doesn’t really affect me, because the lovely Herve got us through to the end of chapter 3, but I wonder whether we will have the same effect with this class. I’d hate to miss a chunk of the book because the class didn’t move fast enough – will monitor carefully. We seemed to not *quite* get through everything last week, but we spent a lot of time introducing ourselves so I’m not too worried. The homework is easy but I have a bucketload of vocab to learn – we learned about giving directions, which is pretty important for communication. And I still make dumb mistakes when I try to talk as opposed to just fill in the gaps in mes devoirs. Biggie and I have now scheduled some joint homework time each week – let’s see if that helps.

Speaking of introducing ourselves, we all fell back into high school patterns there too: Je m’appelle Melissa. J’ai trente-et-huit ans. J’habite au Melbourne. The age thing makes me giggle because how often do we introduce ourselves that way at a party? Hi, I’m Melissa, I’m 38.

Anyway, cautious optimism on the class. I probably need to take a snack to keep me going for 3 hours at a stretch. And I will miss part of it this week because of a Mothers’ day celebration at Guides.

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