Taking stock – the week ahead.

05 May

Once again, my to-do list for the week reads like a crazy person’s.  So much for simplifying my life.


  • meeting with client (done)
  • 2 hrs approx followup from meeting
  • French homework
  • help Biggie with Maths Olympiad and German homework
  • Pack bags for swimming lessons tomorrow
  • Select game(s) for my brother to borrow


  • workout
  • date with Spike (ugh)
  • appointment with GP
  • 4-5 hours followup from last week’s workshop
  • Swimming lessons (kids)
  • Information evening at school


  • morning appointment
  • Specialist appointment
  • much followup from today’s meeting
  • 3 hr French class
  • interrupted by Mothers Day activity at Guides


  • Much more followup from today’s meeting
  • Other project to work on too
  • Biggie to recorder class


  • my day off
  • much more work to do (!)
  • games night


  • WW
  • Biggie to German
  • Friends’ kids’ going away party


  • Early start for the 4k walk for the Mothers’ Day Classic (raising funds for research into breast cancer)
  • Mothers’ Day brunch/lunch with extended family

Other, non-specified times:

  • work work work
  • try to make time for some fun 🙂
  • French homework
  • housework!
  • Try to arrange tradies
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Posted by on May 5, 2008 in to-do


One response to “Taking stock – the week ahead.

  1. Racing Hippo

    May 6, 2008 at 7:42 am

    I hope Spike isn’t too unpleasant. And preferably not cold.
    *remote hugs*


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