“My mum …”

08 May

Well, I missed possessive pronouns and describing houses at French class today. I did, however, get the long discussion of what a laundry is called, because French people do not have them. (well, French people do not have separate rooms for laundry) Instead, I got to go to the Mothers’ Day celebration at Guides.

Biggie had baked two different boxes of packet muffins for the evening – I even let her put them into and take them out of the oven herself. She was terribly proud of herself.

Each girl had to introduce her mother to the group. Some said lovely things about how important or kind or loving their mothers are. Here’s what Biggie said:

This is my mum, Melissa. Our family hobby is boardgames, and we have about 450 in our collection. We really, REALLY like to play them and we often have friends over to play games with us. My mum speaks quite a few languages, fluently, and she has friends all over the world. Um, she works in a tall building in the city, on the fifth floor. And it says [company name] on the door.

Gems from some of the other kids – about their mothers, not about me! – included:

  • “she likes to have her hair straightened”
  • “she thinks she’s really cool, but WE know the truth”

In the car, on the way home, I pointed out that [company name] is actually the name of the company I consult through, and not a wish to travel. Although it is not inappropriate when seen that way. She responded that I should be glad that she said what she did and that she didn’t say anything embarrassing – but was then unable to provide me with examples, when challenged.

Given that earlier today I gave her a fairly detailed explanation of what is involved in a general anaesthetic, d&c, hysteroscopy and polypectomy?

I think I got off pretty lightly.

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