Mothers’ Day

12 May

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers who read this 🙂

My mothers’ day was busy but fun. It started at 8am with a quick jump in the shower and then dressed and out the door, headed for the Mothers’ Day Classic run and walk. I was doing the walk.

I arrived and met my friends at 8.45 as arranged, then discovered that I needed to pick up my walker tag at the main rally area, some way back. Headed off there, got labelled, came back – around 1.5 km before we’d started. We milled around, listened to some guest speakers, then started walking.

Now to say the walk was amazing is an understatement. I didn’t take my camera, but there was literally a sea of people. I heard that there were over 28,000 pre-registrations for the three events (4km run, 8km run, 4km walk) and  there were still people registering today. Many of them chose to wear signs declaring ‘I am walking for’ – and we found it terribly moving to read so many of them – young girls walking for their mum ‘who is in heaven’, older women walking for the daughters, so many walking for friends, sisters, cousins …

Having done it this year, I think I can safely say that I will be back each year that I can, and encouraging others to participate as well.

Home again by 11.30 or so, having walked around 7 km in total, and Fraser and the girls had Mothers’ Day gifts for me. Now I am very grateful to them for taking time to choose beautiful gifts for me … but some of them gave me a chuckle. One day, the school will start selling USB-rechargeable batteries at the Mothers’ Day stall, but until then … well … here’s the list.

  • Book – The meaning of Tingo (from Fraser) – weird meanings of obscure words.
  • Book – Why I love my Mummy (from Eleanor, chosen by Fraser) – with a space at the end for her to write her own reasons
  • Pack of plain grey-lead pencils in a pink box (from Eleanor, chosen at the school stall) – she has already started to use them
  • Chocolate (from Eleanor, chosen at the school stall, since “misplaced”) (I am guessing, in her tummy)
  • Ceramic bowl with 6 pieces of rock candy (Claudia, chosen @ school)
  • An APRON!!! It’s frilly, and ties around the waste. And it has a border with flowers on it. (Claudia, school)
  • (my favourite – in a perverse and twisted and horribly ungrateful way) A pale aqua satin-covered padded coathanger, with lace sewn onto it as well.
  • A soap with a mermaid painted onto it.

I guess I raked it in, huh. I just have to think of what can do justice to the coathanger.

They love getting the chance to shop for me.

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Posted by on May 12, 2008 in children, family


One response to “Mothers’ Day

  1. Fraser

    May 12, 2008 at 9:13 am

    I believe the chocolate (fudge) is in the car.


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