To-do list – w/s May 19th

18 May

Headed into crazy mad times. Meanwhile, have been nauseous since Wednesday and unable to keep anything down since about 4am Friday. Many deadlines. Not quite sure how to deal with over-emotional Biggie and consequently-neglected Otto. Sigh.

Monday May 19th

  • Kids to school 9am
  • 11am Meeting with client D. Still need to finish preparing things for this meeting.
  • Reading & preparation (and possible phone hookup) with client N.
  • Try to get back to Curves.
  • Cleaner coming
  • Collect children from school 3.30pm
  • 90 minute after-school interview (at home) with someone from a research project that Otto is a part of.
  • Start next project for client A (due Friday)
  • Fraser out in evening (I think).

Tuesday May 20th

  • Kids to school 8.45am. Should stay for Assembly (Biggie is performing)
  • 9.30-12.30 appointment at home. More on this later in the week – fun stuff.
  • Try to get to curves
  • Prep work and probable phone hook-up for client N
  • Work on project for Client A
  • Collect kids 3.30
  • Swimming lessons (kids), bath and wash hair
  • French homework and revision.
  • Possible meeting with bank manager (will try to make this for Friday)

Wednesday 21st

  • Kids to school 7.45 or so – Before Care.
  • Work all day on-site for Client N, running consultations.
  • Collect kids 5.45ish (ugh – long day)
  • French class 6.30-9.20
  • Document consultation results for Client N
  • Finish (hopefully finish?) project for Client A

Thursday 22nd

  • Kids to school 7.45 or so – Before Care
  • Work all day on-site for Client N, running consultations
  • Collect kids 5.45ish
  • Biggie to Recorder class, 7-7.30
  • Document consultation results for Client N
  • Totally and completely finish project for Client A
  • Fraser out for evening

Friday 23rd

  • Kids to school 7.45 (Fraser does this on Fridays)
  • Possible bank manager meeting
  • Finish revising major requirements doc for Client N (based on consultations)
  • 12.30 Haircut!!! Yay!!!
  • Collect kids 3.30
  • 4.30 workout with trainer
  • 8pm Games @ home
  • Fraser out in evening


  • Sunday – parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Still need to organise
  • French homework and revision
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