22 May

Doing some work for a client in Fraser’s building this week, so I joined in lunchtime games. Wednesday lunchtime gave me an opportunity to knock something off my owned but unplayed list – Gang of Four.

When I say I knocked this game off my owned but unplayed list, I should perhaps add that I knocked it off all my other lists too. Games I would like to play again, Games I would be willing to play again, Games I might play again if I was paid to do so, Games I would teach my kids, Games that I would rescue from a burning building, Games I would rescue from being eaten by my baby niece. It’s off them all.

What a horrible, horrible game. It’s like Tichu with all the good bits sucked out and extra randomness built in. And yet, the lunchtime game boys like it and are on their third or fourth copy, having worn out the other sets of cards.

I am prepared to concede that it is possible that I was not exactly taught this game very well. “It’s like Tichu, and there are all different poker hands, but no more than 5-card straights. And the suits have an order.” Which is perhaps not very helpful for someone who has never played poker and did not realise you could play different structures of poker hands on one another.

Still, Ugh ugh UGH. What a dog.

Today was better, with Tichu – me and Fraser against Randall and Kevin. It was quite an even game but we won – um – 630 to 550 plus 85 points for us from the last game. Not 1000 but we’d been a full hour. I called a rather brave (read: optimistic) Tichu on the very first hand and got it, which was a nice start.

I mentioned to my client that I was off to play cards and he thought that was a very odd thing to do at lunchtime.

The day improved with a very gracious apology from Fraser, who evidently said more than he meant to yesterday.

On the way home, we stopped to buy a new monitor – our power shorted out last night (appears to have been the dishwasher – ugh – more home maintenance) and unfortunately took the main monitor for our desktop PC with it. It was on permanent loan from friends, and had been for years (um, six?) and was VERY due for replacement. After umming and ahhing, we decided to pick up the $189 19″ monitor that came with a $49 cash rebate from the manufacturer, and consider using it as a second monitor in the future if we want a bigger one. (All major purchasing decisions have been deferred until after June 12th). But apparently it was a $238 monitor and they had already factored in the cash rebate. I call that sneaky.

Back home, out, home, out … slightly crazy evening, as usual. Best moment of the night came from Otto.

Me (on phone): ” … ”
Otto: “Not just .com, mummy. There needs to be .au at the end.”

Oh. My. God.

The child is five.

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