Planning? Or plans? Maybe Research, anyway.

23 May

We had an appointment this morning with one of our Bankers, and with a Financial Planner at the bank. Useful meeting which will be more useful after June 11, once settlement has gone through. The Financial Planner was very thorough in his questioning. He’ll use those basic questions to put together a quote for preparing a full plan for us. He covered lots of things, including superannuation and various types of insurance (income protection, critical illness, life), and gave us a detailed questionnaire to take away and complete. Presumably once we accept the quote 😉

His recommendations go way beyond what we had identified ourselves, although they are along the same lines. I have some confidence in the process and think it will be a Good Thing to Do. The interesting part was identifying what will come up in the next few years.

  • A plan to move to a new house in 3-5 years (we are outgrowing our current home, even with Fabulous Organiser Lady)
  • Some home repairs etc – maintenance stuff, mainly
  • An amount of money for (?my trip?) as well as for Fraser’s
  • Potentially a need to pay some sort of nursing home bond for one or both of my parents 😦
  • Possibly private school fees, if we go that way.
  • Vague plans for an extended stay overseas at some point.

Hang on, come again? What was that that FRASER said? Let’s see that again please:

  • Vague plans for an extended stay overseas at some point.

Gobsmacked is probably the best word.

The planner clearly has the same sort of ideas as I do: he started talking about the tax benefits of staying away for 2 years.

I think I might just love him a little bit.

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Posted by on May 23, 2008 in grand plans, travel


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