Friday gaming – online and off. And meta, even.

24 May

Just 4 of us for Friday games last night – and 3, after Fraser had to head in to work at 9.30.

We started with Puerto Rico, which has not hit the table for a long time. Fraser and I typically play this 2-player in Lorne, and would have played a couple of games of it with Biggie last time we were there, but I think it would be over a year since we played it multi-player with friends.

Fraser went first which put the Druid in that key 3rd position – sure enough, by Round 3 he had a coffee mill. I kept collecting and was first to a wharf, despite having no goods to sell and therefore limited opportunity to get money. Later, I snagged a harbour as well.

We called the game early as Fraser had to leave, but it probably didn’t matter. I was well on the way to the Customs House and no-one else really had a hope of beating me there – meanwhile I was producing 5 corn at a time and waving them off every round.

Results: Melissa 38; Jane 33; Fraser & Druid 30

After a cuppa, Jane suggested Alhambra. A quick refresher later and we were off.

There’s never very much to say about Alhambra really. We all bought some buildings and took some money. Sometimes, we even did both. And we built long walls.

Results: Melissa 132; Jane 113; Druid 109

After a longish chat about Boardgames Australia stuff (“Let’s meet on Skype” revolutionalises the way we communicate), I logged into bsw and was beaten by the cheating Sologammon bot. I don’t know why I keep going back.

Better than Sologammon was Tichu 🙂 I warned my partner that my Tichu is more of the craptastic than the fantastic, she assured me she could cope. Then I was dealt a series of hands that totally played themselves, while my partner took care of the trickier ones. Good result, fun game, nice people.

After 3 might have been a bit late for bedtime, though.

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