Week ahead

26 May

Sorry to post these dull To-do lists. They do help me get my head around my week though.

Monday 26th

  • Finish work for Client A (done)
  • Cleaner
  • Tiler to fix shower
  • 10.30 meeting
  • afternoon phone conference
  • Collect children 3.30
  • Biggie to child psychologist
  • Need to do reading before phone conference
  • Need to do prep for tomorrow morning’s meeting
  • Need to try to CALM DOWN a bit and stop bouncing
  • Need to go to bed at a more reasonable time

Tuesday 27th

  • Kids to before care (ugh) – 9am meeting
  • Finish doc for client N
  • Update Uberbadge 🙂
  • Collect kids 3.30? Or Aftercare?
  • Kids to swimming
  • French homework
  • Preparation for meetings @ Client N

Wednesday 28th

  • On-site Client N, 9-5
  • Kids in before and after care
  • French 6.30-9.30
  • Prepare list of games for Friday night

Thursday 29th

  • On-site Client N, 9-5
  • Kids in before and after care
  • Biggie recorder 7pm
  • Pack games for Friday night

Friday 30th

  • catch up on other work, especially for Client D
  • 2pm personal trainer
  • 3.30 collect kids
  • 4pm family game night at school
  • 8pm collapse!

Saturday 31st

  • 9am ww, biggie to German
  • Gym?
  • 11.30 collect Biggie
  • 8pm LADIES’ NIGHT! *YAY*

Sunday 1st

  • Working bee at school
  • Sleep
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