The OMG Sonderpreis! Transcript

27 May

Gentle Reader, I am proud to present to you my unedited-but-somewhat-snipped, names-changed-or-abbreviated-to-protect-the-innocent chat transcript from Sunday night.

Warning: Long Post ahead.

In Which Our Heroine Passes Further Blessings And Subsequently *EXPLODES*

(2:11:15 AM) MelissaInAU: Bless you again! With Pink sprinkles!

(2:15:08 AM) P: 2-2

(2:15:27 AM) MelissaInAU waves her magic fairy wand

(2:16:56 AM) MelissaInAU: SDJ noms are up

(2:16:58 AM) P: lost 2-3

(2:17:02 AM) MelissaInAU: looks like a Sonderpreis for Agricola

(2:17:34 AM) P: got to eat lunch, thx for the blessing

(2:17:37 AM) — P leaves the channel.

(2:17:51 AM) C wants a link πŸ™‚

(2:18:05 AM) MelissaInAU:

(2:18:08 AM) C: thx

(2:18:10 AM) MelissaInAU: double check I am not crazy

(2:18:12 AM) MelissaInAU: SONDERPREIS

(2:18:39 AM) MelissaInAU: tell me I am not hallucinating

(2:18:40 AM) MelissaInAU: quick

(2:19:07 AM) MelissaInAU: foot of th epage

(2:19:22 AM) J: YAY

(2:19:24 AM) J: you arent

(2:19:53 AM) MelissaInAU: it wasn’t due up for anothe r34 hours

(2:19:56 AM) MelissaInAU is having a party

(2:20:02 AM) J: *G*

(2:20:18 AM) C: a discoparty ?


(2:20:34 AM) C: at the plage…


(2:20:41 AM) J: with emerald Wolves !

(2:20:43 AM) MelissaInAU: I just emailed Hanno

(2:20:48 AM) MelissaInAU: he is not on Skype

(2:20:49 AM) MelissaInAU: bastard

(2:20:50 AM) MelissaInAU: and Uwe

(2:21:05 AM) MelissaInAU: subject line: OMG SONDERPREIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2:21:20 AM) J: aw you amde a mistake

(2:21:24 AM) MelissaInAU: rofl

(2:21:25 AM) MelissaInAU: bitch

(2:21:32 AM) J: there shouldnt be a space between OMG and SONDERPREIS

(2:21:37 AM) J: YAY and i love being one ! ,)

(2:21:49 AM) MelissaInAU: you are right

(2:21:58 AM) MelissaInAU: OMGSONDERPREIS!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2:22:22 AM) C: so now you have to fly to berlin….

(2:22:28 AM) MelissaInAU: lol

(2:22:40 AM) MelissaInAU wishes she had Hannos phone number

(2:23:51 AM) C: 30th of june…

(2:23:56 AM) MelissaInAU: omg [I do have it]

(2:24:00 AM) MelissaInAU: should I call him?

(2:25:08 AM) MelissaInAU: 43 is country code?

(2:25:31 AM) MelissaInAU: if the number is 0 XX

(2:25:40 AM) MelissaInAU: does that mean the XX is the country code and the rest is the phone number

(2:25:51 AM) C: +49 for germany

(2:26:09 AM) MelissaInAU: so XX is area code

(2:26:18 AM) C: yes

(2:26:25 AM) MelissaInAU: long number

(2:26:26 AM) C: 0049XX…

(2:26:37 AM) MelissaInAU: 001149 … von hier

(2:26:41 AM) C: and the length of the number changes

(2:27:01 AM) MelissaInAU: dammit i get anerror

(2:27:16 AM) MelissaInAU: ok now I get a busy signal

(2:27:20 AM) MelissaInAU: so I guess maybe he knows

(2:27:44 AM) MelissaInAU: I didn’t even look at what other games were on the list :blush:

(2:28:28 AM) J: lol

(2:28:32 AM) MelissaInAU: so how am I supposed to sleep now??????????????

(2:29:06 AM) C: just stay up πŸ™‚

(2:29:22 AM) C: and allow your daughter to sleep in your bed πŸ™‚

(2:29:23 AM) MelissaInAU: lol

(2:29:28 AM) MelissaInAU: hmm

(2:29:33 AM) C: no ?

(2:29:35 AM) MelissaInAU: I get “the number you have called is not in service”

(2:29:47 AM) MelissaInAU: damn wrong numbers

(2:30:18 AM) MelissaInAU: is there an online phone book for DE?

(2:30:25 AM) C: yes

(2:30:30 AM) C:

(2:30:48 AM) MelissaInAU: that’s easy πŸ™‚

(2:32:41 AM) MelissaInAU: I get an error from the phone number. *sigh*

(2:33:00 AM) J: maybe you did a mistake with the area code

(2:33:06 AM) J: i know i know

(2:33:09 AM) J: you dont make mistakes

(2:33:11 AM) C: or with the 001149

(2:33:13 AM) J: but just maybe ? πŸ˜‰

(2:33:32 AM) MelissaInAU: i tried 3 times

(2:33:34 AM) MelissaInAU: ooo

(2:33:39 AM) C: try without the 49

(2:33:42 AM) MelissaInAU: long tone

(2:33:52 AM) C: perhaps 49 is just for europe…

(2:34:36 AM) J: yeah seems like australia just has 0011

(2:34:52 AM) C has never called germany from AU….

(2:34:52 AM) J: no

(2:34:57 AM) J: 001149

(2:34:59 AM) MelissaInAU: is that busy or ringlol

(2:35:12 AM) J: riing riiiiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiing is a ring

(2:35:18 AM) J: ring ring ring ring ring

(2:35:19 AM) J: is busy

(2:35:24 AM) J: or better

(2:35:27 AM) J: tut tut tut tut

(2:35:28 AM) J: *g

(2:35:32 AM) MelissaInAU: yes talking to [his wife]

(2:35:56 AM) J: Internationale Verkehrsausscheidungsziffern

(2:35:59 AM) J: das hΓΆrt sich irgendwie

(2:36:00 AM) MelissaInAU: BLOODY HANNO IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2:36:01 AM) J: pervers an

(2:36:03 AM) J: lol

(2:36:12 AM) MelissaInAU: but [his wife] knows now

(2:36:16 AM) MelissaInAU: and she did not already know

(2:36:20 AM) C: lol

(2:36:22 AM) MelissaInAU: so that is mighty cool

(2:36:50 AM) MelissaInAU: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(2:37:09 AM) MelissaInAU explodes a little bit more

(2:37:20 AM) MelissaInAU wonders whether she should go and look at the other games on the list

(2:37:53 AM) C is a little bit suprised…. [I had heard] that this channel is really quiet…that even nobodys talks…

(2:38:12 AM) J: that is SO untrue

(2:38:15 AM) J: whenever mel and me are here

(2:38:18 AM) MelissaInAU: yes

(2:38:23 AM) J: here is DISCOPIRATPARTY

(2:38:33 AM) MelissaInAU: there is a bit of a lesbian thing going on sometimes

(2:39:03 AM) MelissaInAU: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(2:42:34 AM) C: perhaps he does not know ???

(2:42:40 AM) MelissaInAU: CAN HE NOT TELL THAT I NEED HIM???

(2:42:43 AM) MelissaInAU: no he does not know

(2:42:46 AM) MelissaInAU: no-one knows

(2:42:55 AM) MelissaInAU: well, [his wife] did not know

(2:42:59 AM) MelissaInAU: so Hanno does not know

(2:43:03 AM) MelissaInAU: and Uwe probably does not know


(2:43:13 AM) C: perhaps Hanno got a call ?

(2:43:20 AM) MelissaInAU: gaahhhh

(2:43:29 AM) MelissaInAU: GAAHHH

(2:43:45 AM) MelissaInAU: I will start sending international text messages

(2:43:51 AM) J: *g*

(2:44:16 AM) J: you do that

(2:44:20 AM) J: and i do some cardio workout

(2:44:30 AM) MelissaInAU: omg

(2:44:37 AM) MelissaInAU: who needs cardio workout

(2:44:42 AM) MelissaInAU: when you can be THIS EXCITED

(2:44:58 AM) J: lol

(2:45:10 AM) MelissaInAU: I swear, my pulse rate is up

(2:45:13 AM) MelissaInAU: my eyes are bright

(2:45:20 AM) MelissaInAU: I am awake again

(2:45:24 AM) MelissaInAU: I am not going to sleep

(2:45:26 AM) J: *ggg

(2:45:29 AM) MelissaInAU: OMGOMGOMG

(2:45:33 AM) C has slept this afternoon 😦

(2:45:36 AM) MelissaInAU: I just emailed Zev

(2:45:57 AM) MelissaInAU: maybe SMSing Aldie from BGG is a bit excessive

(2:49:01 AM) MelissaInAU: ok. I will take 10 and finish this work. And then contemplate what to do next

(2:49:15 AM) M@back3amMyTime: *yay*

(2:53:14 AM) M@back3amMyTime: omg die 2.Auflage wurde gerade gedruckt. Ob der Poeppel noch darauf kommt?

(2:53:29 AM) J: *g

(2:53:50 AM) M@back3amMyTime: OMGOMG


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4 responses to “The OMG Sonderpreis! Transcript

  1. Jocy

    May 28, 2008 at 12:29 am

    *is proud to have been a part of this !!!!!


    Love from a piratey bitch πŸ˜‰

  2. melissainau

    May 28, 2008 at 12:31 am

    LOL Darling!

    *was delighted to have shared it with you*

    Have you listened to LatvianDiscoPirates lately? Because we totally should do that in OMGESSEN!

  3. Jocy

    May 28, 2008 at 1:52 am

    i have been kinda more fascinated by the fins (do you call people from finland like that?).
    Absolutely fantastic rockmetal. ANYWAY, yes i totally agree, we need to do the LatvianDiscoPirateDance in OMGESSEN! Besides the OMGSHOES! and the OMGHAIRDO!


  4. melissainau

    May 28, 2008 at 8:04 am


    And yes, the Finns were interesting. Long hair is not usually one of my kinks but his was very effective.


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