Australian Games Expo 2008 – Day -1

09 Jun

(I wrote this last Thursday – well, last Friday morning – only just had a chance to upload it now)

It’s 5:30am, and I am sitting in a cold bathroom in Albury.

“Pourquoi ?” you may well ask – or you might, if you knew that I wanted to practise my French – and particularly the mais/donc/alors triple treat that we played with at French class on Wednesday night. And when you asked that, I could reply

Je ne peux pas dormir

mais mon mari et mes enfants dorment dans notre chambre

donc je ne peux pas utiliser le (computer) dans la chambre.

Alors ! J’utilise le (computer) dans la salle de bain.

We had some quite odd causations going on on Wednesday night. Ils avant été très drôle.

Yesterday was insane, despite our best intentions to leave early and be here in plenty of time. I’d arranged not to work, and so had Fraser, but somehow the day went mad anyway.

It started with gaming – our BSW city LupusLanding’s second birthday, to be exact. We were hoping to get lots of people back and playing – I saw 5 of us, including Fraser-who-I-had-to-bribe-to-play. I didn’t play with everyone but did manage Ingenious/ND/TuT with a friend before Fraser joined us for a quick San Juan.

Next, I fought with the washing machine (note to self: Do not wash more than 1 blanket at a time), then witnessed Fraser’s signature on the final transfer document for the sale of the other house. Settlement is booked for next Wednesday and we are satisfied that it will go ahead, although given the performance of our conveyancer so far that may be optimistic. Apparently she just had a baby – which may explain why we haven’t seen the deposit that we were meant to have FIVE WEEKS AGO. Don’t get me wrong – I will fight for any woman’s right to work – but it’s just possible that she really shouldn’t have been taking on new clients in a time-sensitive issue when she knew she was actually going to be HAVING A BABY at the same time as dealing with their (our) major financial needs. Sigh.

Fraser, being the trustful soul that he is, decided to drive the document over to her – while I dealt with a long phone call from a client. I’m due to finish on this project at the end of next week – well I was, but we just scheduled a workshop for the following one. After I finish blogging here? I’ll be drawing process diagrams for this client. In the bathroom, in Albury, at 5:30am. I love working for myself.

Next up, rubbish removal guy. He had to clear out the garage at the old house – which I gather he did well. He was then to come over and pick up some money from us- and never showed. Perhaps he was late for another job? I trust we will see him soon.

Then a phone call from the Expo publicist (I think there were 3 over the course of the day), more laundry, phone call to the tiler. The few tiles that needed replacing in the shower have become completely retiling the entire bathroom, replacing the attractive tiled-in shower base with a moulded one. I will not love my bathroom quite as much as I do now, but it will be somewhat more sturdy. Last builder was a Very Bad Man. I was meant to go out and buy tiles but we agreed on 20cm square white ceramic instead. TilerGuy came out to pick up his $2000 cash deposit (for materials) and my key, and will work over the long weekend and hopefully we will have a bathroom again when we get home on Monday. In particular, a toilet. We will also be leaving our alarm system off over the long weekend, which feels kinda scary, but is better than giving random people codes for the alarm (and expecting them to be able to use it).

It’s a bit weird having him there while we are not, because I am so controlling that I want to watch every single step of the process. Ah well.

Packing! OMG! I have to pack! Run out and buy a new backpack instead. I need one – and I like this one quite a lot.

I did really well at packing light for me. Fraser and I are sharing the *small* weekend bag – although my boots overflowed into the *large* weekend bag that I packed for the kids. Otto has a LOT of things packed – mostly because, given a chance to get dirty, she will get completely beyond filthy. Biggie has fewer things packed –mostly because I didn’t buy many clothes for her last Winter and she has grown out of most of them! Normally she only needs clothes for the weekend as she wears school uniform the rest of the week – and I have been telling her off for wearing inappropriately Summery clothes. Oops – I might actually have to buy her a couple of new tops while we are up here. (Fraser, you did not read that, OK?)

So much for my plans for haircut. Oh! And I did Invoicing. The more stressed I get, the less time I have to manage finances – and things had got really out of control. I had done no invoicing all year. Now, most of my projects are long-term so it’s not like I’m meant to invoice every week, but still – that was excessive, even for me. When your clients ask you several times to send an invoice, you know it’s really time to get stuck into it. Goal for the next month: Move my accounting software onto my “new” (last May) PC so that I can do invoicing without having to fire up the old sucker.

And we started to pack the car. And I printed out lots of game aids and couldn’t find my paper trimmer. And I packed some spare parts and card sleeves and figured maybe I could get to that stuff in Albury. And Fraser had to go pick up the girls because I was still packing and even then I forgot some stuff I was meant to pack and have been mocked 😦


Instead of leaving at 3:30 we left at about 10 to 5, but we still made good time out of Melbourne. Despite a tantrum about chocolate or jam-filled donuts (which I resolved by making F stop at a convenience store so I could buy sweets – who cares about being healthy when you have to spend 3 hours in a car with cranky children?). Fraser was tired so I drove after about the first hour – which slightly rocked my world. I often forget how much I love distance driving, especially on a good road like the Hume Highway which is dual carriageway and at least 2 lanes all the way to Albury. It was really dark – and not much traffic going our way apart from the occasional truck. I dialled up the exact speed limit on cruise control (the police in the small country towns along the Hume are notorious for their speed traps) and we were off – I don’t think anyone passed us all the way. Ich bin ein Speed Demon!

Fraser handled a couple of phone calls on the way, including one about what time we expected to be in Albury. Small gloat – the last two years, I have correctly predicted our arrival time **to within 5 minutes**. Even with the convenience store stop, the driver change (Otto toilet break) and a later toilet break, we got here in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Yay, us!

Arriving just after 8:15, we picked up the key to our room and headed out to the steakhouse for dinner. Yum, steak. Although possibly not a great plan given the ongoing state of my stomach. Or that may have been the apple crumble 😉 The kids enjoyed it, too.

And then back to the hotel, unpack the car, kids into bed. Otto was a bit too excited that we were all in one room and took longer than her sister to sleep – longer than her father, too, I suspect. I worked on some Boardgames Australia literature before I turned in.

And now, here I am. Not sure why I can’t sleep – I’m certainly tired enough. I left my anti-snoring thingy at home, which is less of a problem these days as I don’t really snore much, but maybe I am worried about disturbing the rest of them? Or my little bedtime story that I usually tell myself isn’t working? Or there are THREE people sleeping in there and making little sleepy noises? Or we only have a double bed not a Queen so we’re a bit squishy? And with children in the room no way to enjoy the squish? (blush) Or maybe it is that THERE WAS ONLY ONE SPARE PILLOW IN THE ENTIRE ROOM AND FRASER GOT TO IT FIRST!!! OMG!!! I ONLY HAVE ONE PILLOW!!! AND EVEN FOLDED UP, IT IS HARD AND UNCOMFORTABLE AND NOT SOFT AND FLUFFY! (Note: Also, Friday morning the Bigster killed her first cockroach and we discovered the shower smelled of mold as soon as you turned the hot tap on). Whatever the reason? Next year, we get a 3 bedroom serviced apartment for us and Auntie. I am *such* a Princess.

Plans for tomorrow today?


Wash and comb children’s hair.

Finish Boardgames Australia brochures/handouts. Need to get them copied somewhere – wonder whether I brought my USB stick. Finish website updates with Award winners. Scout out possible internet cafes where I might be able to upload the updates on Saturday after we announce the winners. No idea where to find this in Albury. McDonalds is a distinct possibility.

OMGSHOPPING! With the Bigster. And possibly with Otto as well. I might even manage to get my hair done, which I totally failed to do yesterday.

OMGExpo! Pop in and annoy people as they try to set up 🙂 – I am to be there for a Media call at 12 noon, ideally with adorable children with clean hair. I may also have some setup to do for our stand.

Friends should start to arrive during the afternoon. We have a 6pm dinner (with OMGMARGARITAS!) and meeting, followed by OMGOPENGAMING! YAY!


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3 responses to “Australian Games Expo 2008 – Day -1

  1. RacingHippo

    June 9, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    I really hope you didn’t have to resort to McDogalds 😦

    Can’t wait for the next thrilling instalment.


    PS. Computer = ordinateur. I know this from reading the cardboard boxes when I worked at a PC manufacturer. Sad, eh?

  2. Ann

    June 10, 2008 at 5:48 am

    Which explains why you dissapeared from the online world 🙂

    Have fun fun fun and fun!

  3. jon

    June 10, 2008 at 7:30 am

    I forgot the Expo. I was assuming F had put you under the patio.


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