Australian Games Expo Day 0 – Friday

11 Jun

After sleeping oh-so-badly, we spent most of the the morning on domestic things like Doing Children’s Hair. They were both excited by breakfast. It’s nice to be easy to please. Fraser took the kids to the park for a while while I headed into Albury centre, and then we met up at the Expo. Neil and Al were already there so the kids had fun playing together while Fraser and I scoped out the stands (very few already set up or occupied).

Media call at 12 where a big group of local schoolkids played Spit it out, a new game being previewed at Expo. Did an interview with the local paper (No you cannot print the names of the award winners tomorrow BEFORE we announce them) and a quick TV interview too. Spit it Out was interesting – I had been pretty anxious about being next to them, but it worked well for us in the end, I think.

TV reporter then decideed that she wanted to play Monopoly with the big, in-costume Mr Monopoly, so I raced back to Expo to try to scare up a copy. There was only a super-expensive Onyx Monopoly, so I swore on everything I hold dear that we won’t open or damage it and take it back down to the publicist – who promptly unshrinks it and takes the board out. “Don’t worry Melissa, I’ll take full responsibility for it.” I manage (at least while I am there) to stop her from opening the money or properties.

With everything over, we head back to the motel for a bit – I need to make some minor changes to our Boardgames Australia leaflets before heading out to get them printed. A stop en route at the supermarket was successful, especially as I picked up a replacement memory stick. (which I needed for my next mission – Officeworks).

Photocopying done, I headed for Neil and Al’s to see if my notebook would work on the wireless network at their place and to do some laminating. Yay Al and her amazing box of stuff. Then it was off to the Expo to say hi to the many more people who had now arrived – and to punch some games with Zev. He doesn’t seem to understand the very real pleasure that can be taken in punching games. Errm, punching bits, that is.

Picked up Fraser and the girls and we headed for our now-almost-traditional Friday night Taco Bill’s. With Expo moving to Canberra next year, I can only hope that Montezuma’s is still around and their margaritas are as good as they used to be. Little Max greeted me with “We saw you on the News!” – I had completely forgotten to watch my OMG Moment of Fame. The margaritas at TBs were very adequate and – as I thought it was not my drinking night – my allotted 3 slipped down very nicely. Fraser drove home and was delegated to put the kids to bed while I played “a game” – and then we would swap.

A quick Filou/Felix later, we made an executive decision that that didn’t count as really a game, but more as filler – so I slipped into Vikings. I didn’t dislike this at all, although I wasn’t super excited about it either. I got back to the room at midnight, put clothes out for the next (early) morning, set the alarm on my mobile phone and put myself to bed. Yay, extra pillow. I don’t even know what time Fraser got back.

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