Weekend Gaming

23 Jun

Small Friday games with only the Druid and J here for the evening. Unable to decide on anything big, we played little games all night.

We started with Limits, which we picked up at the Australian Games Expo. “Stupid game,” muttered Druid, on his way to a whopping -15 — but he said it with a smile. I’m keen to get the Bigster playing this – and even Otto might enjoy it.

Next up was Can’t Stop. I think I played this once, on BSW, some time ago. It’s not a game that I will ever be any good at; quite apart from the  dice hating me, I don’t have good judgement in a push-your-luck game like this. First game, Druid played by the title and never stopped – finishing with no pieces at all on the board. We tried a rematch and he modified his “strategy”, stopping halfway and then completing his runs for the win.

Lastly, we played a couple of matches of Ziegen Kriegen. This is a very random little filler released at last year’s Essen (OMGESSEN!). Something of a more random 6 nimmt, I suspect this is better with more than 4 players – last time we played, we had 6 and there seemed to be more control. Well, less lack of control, anyway.

Sunday morning, Fraser and I broke out Stone Age. This is a bit of an odd duck – too heavy/complex for the general family market, but not a meaty gamers’ game. My best guess is that it’s pitched to gaming families – I could see us enjoying playing this with the Bigster, but suspect that even someone like Druid would be frustrated by it and might feel it was too complex and/or fiddly. We enjoyed it enough to play 2 back-to-back games — Fraser won the first one by a country mile (all I will confess to is “less than 100 points”), and I won the second by 40 or so points, helped significantly by the wizard that multiplies your food chain score and the guy that multiplies your meeples.

Later, we played a 3er on BSW with E, who kindly only humiliated us by 60 points or so. I think I prefer it with more players but am certainly happy to add it to the roster, especially as it can only get faster with practice. A 2p with W later came to around 20 minutes, I think, even with interruptions. I can see us playing it again.

Overall, though, Stone Age has yet to ‘click’ for me. It feels busy and a little ‘bitty’ – like there’s too much going on, and I don’t quite see how it all fits together yet.

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