School holidays …

01 Jul

… means bedlam.

Juggling children, work, work and children – and work always gets busier just as the holidays start.

This week, the girls are at my parents’ for a couple of days – which gave me, last night, the almost unprecedented delight of a night at home by myself. Alone.

I put myself to bed and played games on BSW 🙂

And this morning, I didn’t have to go anywhere or be anywhere – so was free to game instead of chasing children to get dressed, have breakfast, etc etc etc. And I woke early, so got several hours of gaming time. That just feels like omg free bonus hours!

Organiser is coming this afternoon and I have no idea what room we will attack – things still haven’t made it into the roof, so I think the spare room is delayed till next time. Maybe the dining room would be a good place to start today? I guess she will have ideas, anyway.

Home again tonight, working and collecting kids tomorrow, then Thursday morning and Friday they are at holiday programs. Next week is even more complicated – at mum and dad’s Mon-Tue, holiday program Wed, home with me Thu and then we are off interstate for a family ‘do’.

Working all day tomorrow. But I sort of feel like I’m on holiday anyway.

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Posted by on July 1, 2008 in family, games, work


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