Looking to the weekend

04 Jul

I’ve been feeling really flat this week – nothing really made me enthusiastic, although a definite highlight was yesterday’s early game morning on BSW (as well as the impromptu one earlier in the week). Today, I found out why – my slightly sore throat has gone to full-on croak, and I’m really not feeling so great at all. Long for sleep, might compromise with a long soak in the bath instead.

Now, by mid afternoon, my voice is picking up, but this morning I couldn’t talk and could only croak a little.

Tonight we are gaming with JC and RJ (yay) – I don’t think anyone else is coming. Will we get past their need for Tichu, I wonder.

Tomorrow is a big gaming day and we should get several hours of games played. Sunday we’ll do something special with the kids.

Meanwhile, I have work and not-work to complete. And I’m hoping to get some bsw time too.

Ah, weekends. The busiest time of the week 🙂

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Posted by on July 4, 2008 in family, games, health, to-do


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