Firefox does not love me anymore.

07 Jul

Gaah. My beautiful pink PC is giving me the screaming irrits lately.

First, there was the saga of Firefox 3. I installed it about 10 days ago, it didn’t work. I re-installed it, it still didn’t work. Eventually, I uninstalled it and reinstalled Firefox 2. Yay, worked.

Then, the mysterious saga of the L key hit. Every so often, for no particular reason, my computer would register a response to the L key. I’d be tlyping a very normall sentence and flor no particular relason, an L would appear in the middle of a word. I juggled the key a few times, and it seemed to stop.

Last night, while I was on BSW, the L key hit back with a vengeance. I couldn’t even get a single word typed without an L, and by the time I had deleted the stray Ls several more had taken their place. Gaaah.

By this morning, the L key seemed to have settled down and I was able to BSW without that added distraction.

But when I got to work, my baby would not start. It ran Windows rescue or whatever it is called, decided to start working … and powered up without Firefox 2.


But you know what they say. When the PC starts misbehaving, stop work for a bit and head out to the shops.

At least, that’s what *I* say. 🙂 And – so far – it seems to have worked.

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Posted by on July 7, 2008 in shopping, work


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