The debacle that is my day

11 Jul

Too funny. Some days just don’t work.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to the laundrette (washing machine door is broken, service guy can’t come till Tuesday) and did many loads of washing. Unfortunately, their machines don’t spin things very dry, so I was up half the night and verrrry early this morning trying to get things dry enough to pack.

The consolation of getting up at stupid o’clock is of course getting to BSW with my lovely friends, which I did for a good couple of hours. I was kind of grumpy because – well – didn’t entirely want to go away this weekend.

Then Biggie discovered that some clothes that she “desperately wanted” to take weren’t dry yet, so we shuffled things through the dryer while I got myself dressed and pulled together some last-minute packing. Managed to burn my finger on my hair iron (ouch!) and probably forget a bunch of stuff (I guess I will find out when we get up there) but we left in reasonable, if a little tight, time to be at the airport in time for our 30 minute checkin.

Unfortunately we did not allow for:

  • delays at long-term car park
  • delays waiting for bus from long-term car park
  • bloody enormous queues all over the terminal

and as a result we missed our flight. Yikes. $200 later (about the cost of each of our flights), they put us on a 3.15 flight instead of our booked 11.15 flight. OMGYAY, time to kill in the airport. OMGYAY arriving in Sydney just before peak hour.

We started with the normal stuff:

  • Checked our bags (I actually stayed in the queue while Fraser did the ticket-exchanging thing – it took over 40 minutes to get through, so so much for 30 minute checkins!)
  • Took the kids to McDonalds. Otto had a tantrum because – um, I’m not quite sure.
  • Looked in the crazy souvenir shops and confirmed that there IS no tasteful and stylish Australian souvenir. Kangaroo scrotums are apparently the best I can do.
  • Wandered around the airport a bit – flight observation deck is closed …

before OMGBRAINWAVE! One-time entry to the lounge! The nice attendant let us in without paying for the kids, and early (not meant to come in more than 2 hours before a flight) – so right now Fraser and the Bigster are playing Pool while Otto alternates between watching them and the planes.

OMG I was so right to renew my Qantas club membership before I come to OMGESSEN! 🙂

Verdict: Airport lounges continue to rock my world.

Other verdict: Plan to be at the airport REEEEEALLLLLY early on Monday, even though our flight is late morning.

Third verdict: Next time, bring PC and don’t rely on airport lounge for printing needs.

Fourth verdict (except it was earlier than the others): Don’t hurry with the hair iron. Owwwies. 😦

Meanwhile: OMGYAY! It has a printer *and* Office 2007. That thing I was meant to have finished by last Monday? Might actually get done today.

PS: Anyone want a postcard from Sydney? Gmail me your address 🙂

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Posted by on July 11, 2008 in family, travel


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