18 Jul


Wake up. Get kids dressed. (Latish for a Friday).

Turn on PC and start to BSW.

IM from a friend:

David: We need you!
me: omgwhere
me: grabs emergency first aid kit
David: Uwe posted it, and it is in german!
Indecipherable german
8:16 AM me: yay!
David: I ran it through an online translator it it made even less sense!
me: I love Uwe a little for posting in German on BGG
David: The members of BGG would love you (even more than we already do) if you were to, you know, post a little translation…
8:17 AM me: yeah yeah
getting there
David: I would throw geek gold in there, but you can make all you want
me: was busy flirting with my favourite german man
David: )
Oh, go back to flirting
sorry to interrupt imoprtant stuff
Flirting is good for the soul
8:18 AM Thanks for looking at it for us )
me: can’t do it for a couple of hours but have posted that.
8:19 AM David: Yah! Will subscibe toe the thread so I can see it when you get to it.
me: bitte sehr

Finish BSWing.

Translate required text (but not without first threatening not to). Well, “translate” some parts and ad-lib others.

OMGLATE! Quickly shower and dress in 5 minutes flat

Handbag lost. Gaaah! Search.

Hairdresser. Decide to go dark. OMGNOTSUREABOUTTHAT. Next haircut (due to hairdresser going away) will be the day before I leave for OMGESSEN! OMG! I might need a fringe trim before then though. And I think I will get the lighter bits again.

Hairdresser is very sick so she mixes my colour and cuts – the rest is done by an apprentice. I hope I don’t catch what she has – she hasn’t kept anything down for the last 2 days.

Due for what the lovely JC calls “Female Maintenance” after hair finished. Beauty therapist running late so I have 15 mins to grab a muffin.

Phone rings.

PhoneGuy: Um, it’s South Melbourne Glass. We’re at your place to install your shower screen
Glass guy: We can come back another time
Me (who has not had a working shower since April): OMGNOIWILLBETHEREREALLYSOON!

Reschedule maintenance for 2pm (in 1 hour). Get in car and race home.

Yay glass guys.

Still not sure about hair colour.

Consider tidying up for OMGGAMES tonight.

Blog instead.

Now finished & will go tidy.

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