To do.

31 Jul

Another long, thinking-it-out list. And a whine. Which is of course entirely my own fault.


  • Finish a game project. Well, get it more finished, anyway.


  • Go to work (probably 11ish – not really a problem).
  • Internal meetings about not one but OMGTWO new projects that are starting.
  • Also internal meeting about finishing up the project for Client D (one meeting to go).
  • Also internal meeting about pro bono work we are doing for Charity B. I’m developing a metadata model for their content management system.
  • Collect kids at 3.30
  • Buy birthday gifts for my brother (36) and mother (72). Also, hopefully, for Biggie.
  • Tidy last stuff away in living room

Friday (my “day off”)

  • Kids out the door 7.30 then I go back to bed.
  • Possible work meeting in the morning (see “day off” above)
  • Possible work meeting in the afternoon (ditto)
  • Collect kids at 3.30
  • Family dinner at 6pm
  • Friends over for games at 8.30pm


  • Biggie to German class 9am
  • Collect Biggie from German class 11.30am
  • Drop girls at my parents’ (mental note: need to OK this with parents tomorrow or Friday)
  • Eurogamesfest. Has it been a month already? Wow.


  • Brother’s birthday
  • Tentative posh lunch with mum and Biggie


  • Mum’s birthday
  • OMGCurriculumDay – kids at home – when did that sneak up on me?
  • Yikes – work meeting – may have to take them in with me (hahahahaha)


  • Round 2 Usability testing for a client (L). 9.30am – 7pm. Yikes.
  • Meant to collect kids from school at 3.30, take them to swimming at 5, that kind of thing. Hmmm.
  • 7.20pm appointment – kids to my parents’ for an hour and a half or so.
  • Need to bake and decorate 50 cupcakes for Wednesday. Maybe we can do a bit on Monday (I hope)


  • Biggie’s birthday. Take 30 cupcakes to school.
  • Usability testing continues. 9.30-7pm. Double yikes. Have said I really need to be away early on Wednesday but may still need to put the kids in aftercare. Not nice on a birthday, however much she enjoys herself when she is there.
  • 6.30pm French – have told them I will be late but will bring cakes. OMG I have homework and revision to do before now, too
  • 7pm Biggie -> Guides. Take 15 or so cupcakes. One of the leaders is a chef. Sigh.
  • 8.45ish Leave French early to catch up with the Bigster before her bedtime.
  • Told new client (Charity B) that I would get their metadata model to them today or Thursday. *Rolls on floor crying with laughter*


  • Maybe no meetings?


  • Appointment to do tax. Which means I need to do approximately 8-10 hours prep work for this, asap.


I need a hug 😦

Or to learn to say no, or something. Wondering whether I can put mum off for a couple of weeks and get Fraser to take the kids somewhere on Sunday while I resist the siren pull of BSW and actually get some work done. There. Three impossible things before breakfast.

And I still have some essential maintenance to be done asap. 😦

Revised Goal for tomorrow:

  • Early to bed.

Posted by on July 31, 2008 in to-do


2 responses to “To do.

  1. Heather

    July 31, 2008 at 7:46 am


    Will that last you the night?


  2. melissainau

    July 31, 2008 at 8:41 am

    *sniff* almost


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