How can I manage my time if no-one else can?

05 Aug

So after I stayed up till 3am (oops) finishing something off (and THEN managed to send it off without actually attaching the file I was working on … double oops) and got up at 7 to be ready for work … and played with cupcakes … and stole a few minutes for myself and then wrestled with children to get them out of the house … and got myself to work ALMOST by the arranged time of 9.30 but still before the person I was meeting … and got all set up for 2 days of intensive usability testing …


Even the client has given up waiting and gone back to the office.

Aaarrrrgh. I could be napping right now. Or working on other important stuff.

Fortunately, I have just got into my email and found some stuff I can be working on. If the remaining 3 for the afternoon don’t show, that is.

Odds of that happening? Are very high. We have rung them all, none is answering their phone and at least one is not known at the contact number we have for him. Big sigh.

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Posted by on August 5, 2008 in work


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