Getting ready …

15 Sep

Over the weekend, I bought little gifts for the girls for when I am away. I’m starting to feel a bit bad – ok, CONSUMED BY GUILT – that I’ll be away from them for so long. By next week, I will probably be a whimpering mess. Spending money is simply a coping mechanism.

Coupled with the things I already have, there’s almost enough for them to get something every day.

Most are little – colouring books, sticker books, costume jewellery (I bought a box of 20 pieces for $20 a while ago – some are vile, some will do for playing dress-ups, some are quite appropriate for little people). A couple are bigger – some clothes for Otto, novels for the Bigster.

It’ll be mostly up to Fraser’s discretion whether he gives them something every day or saves them for special moments. I’ve tried, though, to get at least a few things that will give the kids something to do.

I’ll round out the bags with hair accessories and maybe a DVD each. Unfortunately, Otto has already discovered – and watched – the Angelina Ballerina DVD I bought yesterday. (I am so bad at gifts – I buy them in advance, then hand them over “just because”). I’d love to find something about “Places where Mummy will be” too – I got an “International Barbie Costumes sticker book” for Otto (how the mighty are fallen) but I am sure there are better options. I also have a giant map of Europe that we can hang on the wall, so they can track where I am.

Meanwhile, the Bigster came out with, “I don’t think I can go with you to the airport, Mummy. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop crying.” (awww). We talked about how we’ll both feel very sad, but it’s only for three and a half weeks, and we’ll think of each other. She keeps trying to make me promise to call/skype OMGEVERYSINGLEDAY and I know I just can’t commit to doing that. I suggested that she can help Otto to send me emails every day, though, telling me about what they have done that day.

On a bad note – I slept a lot yesterday, and today my throat feels sore. I think I might have caught Fraser’s evil cold. Better now than in 2 weeks, I guess 🙂

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Posted by on September 15, 2008 in essen, family, travel


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