Clearing further

16 Sep

Today it was my bedroom’s turn – specifically, my “side” of the bedroom. Fraser wants to go through his stuff before it gets sorted. The part of me that is a sceptic feels that that side may never get done 🙂

Reaction: Wow that room is big.

I think I gave at least 5 huge binliner bags to charity. And threw out many, many more bags full of stuff – recycling, old clothes that were just too old to give away, rubbish/useless stuff. There was even a whole binliner bag full of old shoes.

Meanwhile, both girls are having friends over to play this week. That’s their reward because I cleaned their room. Well, their reward for sort-of keeping their room tidy, with a lot of nagging. Luckily I don’t have much work on this week so I can get the living room looking presentable-ish tomorrow (and bake OMGgingerbread too).

Schedule for Melissa’s Week:

Tuesday (now) – work out what needs to be done before I go away, watch DVD 🙂

Wednesday – housework, shopping, baking, French homework, OMGFrench!, Rubbish man?, book tree man

Thursday – car serviced, housework, Otto’s friend & her family over for afternoon tea

Friday – school finishes early, Bigster’s friend over to play, Bigster’s other friend and her family over for dinner.

Next week, work is busy.

The week after? I leave for Europe!

OMG *bounce*

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Posted by on September 16, 2008 in children, decluttering, family, house, to-do, travel


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