My Friday. Gaahhh.

20 Sep

7.45 Fraser wakes me up. It’s the day Fraser takes the kids to before-school care, so I have to get Otto dressed. Back to bed. BSW. Sleep.

10.40 Fraser goes to Accountant to do his tax. I should be going too but I have not prepared anything, because I Suck. I go back to sleep.

2.10 Fraser wakes me up. Kids have to be collected at 2.30 (last day of term) so I need to get dressed quickly so I can go and get them. Collect both mine, also Bigster’s friend who is coming for a play.

5.40ish Bigster’s friend’s dad comes to collect her. He’s quite interested in Agricola and comments that, “I’d like to play this … the description remindsme a bit of Die Siedler.” omgyay. We decide that when we are all in Melbourne again we should get together and play games. omg the hardship 🙂

6.15ish quick BSW. Cafe International and Thurn und Taxis.

6.45ish Biggie’s other friend and her family arrive for dinner

7.30 walk to pizza restaurant with Other Mum to buy dinner. Chat.

9ish they go. Fraser and Otto have major argument about pyjamas (does this make 5 nights in a row?)

10ish Settle Otto, agree that she can sleep in the big bed (F still in spare room due to virus).

10.30 Otto sleeps. I decide to go to bed too. Do teeth, settle self to chat with a friend for a while … and then …

11.30 my mobile phone rings. I miss the call. Consider leaving it but decide nah, better do the right thing. It was my mother: “Your father’s shoulder hurts and he is very weak, what should I do?”

Me: I’ll be right over.

Chat some more with Helpful and Conveniently Handy Medical Friend who says it’s the wrong shoulder to be his heart & is likely air in his diaphragm after the colonoscopy he had this week. 

Drive to parents’ house, arriving around midnight

Dad is frighteningly weak, needing help from me and mum just to get down the small step in front of their house (about 8cm). I am glad I brought the car down their driveway.

Drive to hospital, resisting urge to plant foot every time he winces. Not nearest 5-minutes-away hospital, that would make too much sense. 20-minutes-or-more-away-private-hospital, IF you don’t mind.


wait wait wait with occasional consults in between.

Doctor;s theory is it is a rotator cuff shoulder injury from the colonoscopy. Seems weird though, given that it came on very suddenly tonight.

Anyway, eventual decision was to admit him and ultrasound the shoulder tomorrow.

At 4.15 we gave up waiting for him to be admitted to the ward (it was in progress) and I drove mum home then came home myself. Logged in briefly to play some solo games to unwind and now it is getting light outside.

Things I did right:

– took eee pc with some game translation work I am doing (too lazy to email it off right this second)

– took French grammar book to work on

– made parents actually go

– pointed out how frail he is to the doctor

Things that were cool

– the nurse supervisor is the mother of a child at Biggie’s school. I know her quite well.

Things that were brought home to me

– it may be too late to even have big plans about next year. Right now, I feel guilty enough about gallivanting over to Europe in OMG12DAYS.


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