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24 Sep

Aliens, Farms and French towns.

And excitement building.

And rambling, because it is 3am. The small bit of work that I had to do kind of took a while.

I took a handbag to be repaired today. It’s big and roomy and – well, it’s pink and it has glitter on it. I love it very very much. And it’s big enough to hold a book, a notebook and pens, my eee pc, my purse, my camera and a couple of other things. Leaving my carry-on to be filled with game boards and wooden bits, if I follow the Dale Yu school of packing. (Note to Self: Pack lots of zip-lock baggies to hold bits.) (Second Note to Self: Pack marker pens to label zip-lock baggies. I have some pink ones somewhere.) (Third Note to Self: Best pack the zip-locks from the bank that have holes punched in them. Not only are they easier to squeeze the excess air out of, they are also going to look a lot less like potential drug courier supplies.). The good thing about taking my bag to be fixed was that I remembered that I dropped my watch off at that shop last week to get a new battery put in. And then forgot to pick it up. Fortunately it was still there and I could describe it to their satisfaction.

(Note to those who care: My watch also is pink and has glittery bits. It was a birthday present from my lovely sister-in-law, who said it just screamed “Melissa” as soon as she saw it. I think it is Very Beautiful Indeed.)

(Second Note to those who care: sadly, my hot pink crocodile-patterned patent leather shoes will not be making the journey. Somehow I am packing 4 pairs of shoes already, which feels excessive. Although … hmm … I am tempted …)

Random thought #1: While I was out, I bought some pens today which sound like – well, like an intimate lubricant. They are filled with “Lubriglide”. I assume that name was deliberate.

At this stage, we already have 8 for games this Friday night, with a likely expansion to 10. And a possible 5 visiting children.

The 2 older visiting children can go in the spare bed, and Biggie in her own. Younger visiting child can use Otto’s bed as she bunks in with me on game nights (weirdly, she will go to sleep on her own in our bed but not in her own). Potential visiting babies can go in – um – maybe in the girls’ room with the Bigster, or maybe in our room.

As for games – I’m predicting Agricola and Stone Age, at least. Mainly because one friend always requests Agricola (omg I love her – she persuaded me to play it the night I was feeling Bitter and Twisted and it was great and we were excited together) and another has asked for Stone Age because she’s thinking of buying it. Which means we will probably have 3 groups going, which is a bit of a logistic challenge. I have the clothes drying rack in the study at the moment so will need to get that out and clean up a bit, to make room for a card table and 4 chairs in there. At least I have got my suitcase out of there. Then a bit of rearrangement in the living room to put up the other card table, and we’ll leave Agricola on the big dining table. 

My goal was to play Age of Steam before leaving for OMGESSEN!. And Metropolys, as well (my vote for game with the most beautiful cover art). Actually, that was just a part of my plan to reduce my number of unplayed games so I could justify buying oh-so-many-more when I am over there. That hasn’t happened, and I doubt that it will now. Luckily, I can justify almost anything to myself: “If I am going all that way, I might as well make the most of it.”

Random Thought #2: I just had an email that included the line “See you in Paris”. Wow.

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