Tuesday = Not Good

01 Oct

Tuesday started well with BSW.

Got off BSW and the phone rang. I missed it.

Fortunately, I checked my messages.

It was my mum, sounding frantic: “Lissa, I need you.”

She had locked herself out of the house, and didn’t have a spare key.

I had to quickly get myself and the girls dressed then drive over there (25 minutes or so at that time of day) to let her back in. As she was minding them that afternoon anyway, I waited while she took her bazillion tablets and ate some breakfast, then took her and the girls over to see my dad in the new hospital. Couldn’t stay long before I had to drop them back to mum and dad’s then come home to change for my meeting with work client (the charity I am doing pro bono work for). By now, the tooth that started throbbing on Monday night was really sore again, so I rang my dentist too – luckily, she could fit me in just after the work meeting.

Changed for work, went to meeting, dropped jeans off to be taken up, raced to dentist. OMG. 

Either it is sensitivity (good)

OR — I need a root canal. Before I go away. Less than 2 days from when she said that.

Now I don’t know whether I have said a great deal here about my reactions to dentists, but they are not good. First, I am terrified. Second, dental anaesthetic doesn’t work very well – I usually have to have a LOT. And third, I have a bad reaction to it – so I shake uncontrollably after I have had it. As in, “cannot write my name” uncontrollably. And definitely cannot drive. 

Home again from dentist, off to collect kids, collect takeaway. Biggie “feels sick” so puts herself to bed then has to be got up to have her hair done. Quick BSW with a couple of friends who assure me that the weather in Europe is “horrible, rainy, about 14 degrees, you don’t need to wear a top” 😉

Then I spent 2 hours doing the kids’ hair.

Then I checked my luggage. Ugh. I really, really tried to pack light. I have been getting better at it. I do have lots of stuff that will be remaining in Europe, though – that’s the heavy stuff (at least, that’s what I am telling myself).

I have a List of Things To Do Before I Go which is getting longer, and no time to actually do them.

Today my tooth is a bit sore, not as much, but not great. So I have to go back and quite potentially have the first appointment for a root canal this morning. I had thought I might take the girls to the zoo, but they will hear animal noises coming from me instead of from the monkeys. Called dentist already & left message.

Also important: collect jeans and haircut @ 1pm.

Also important: spend time with children.

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