01 Oct

In short: My canal is not rooted.

Which is an oh-so-dirty-sounding way to say: Watch and wait.

Highlights of today:

  • Chinese food with the kids, followed by oh-so-extravagant “ice cream drinks” (milkshakes with an ice cream float in the centre) for the girls.
  • Dropped in to visit the creche both girls attended and catch up with staff – lovely to see them, sorry we went at lunchtime so we couldn’t pop in to see my niece as well.
  • Haircut and colour, including the leg wax of giggles. Basically, I couldn’t get over the fact that I was lying there putting myself through ouchies and heading off to the dentist for potentially far greater ouchies, all voluntarily. So I couldn’t stop giggling, which set the woman in the salon off too. Hee.
  • Dentist – tap tap tap, ouch ouch ouch. Alternating hot hot hot water and freezing cold CO2 to try to work out which tooth was hurting. Before long, it was just “I’m sorrry, it does hurt but I don’t know which tooth is causing it.” Verdict: It could be one of two teeth, there’s nothing to show which it is or that either one is problematic, better to wait and see. I now have a second prescription for penicillin (first was because of Fraser’s cold) and instructions to start the tablets as soon as the pain starts constantly throbbing. Yikes! I also have Nurofen (ibuprofen) and a box of other heavy-duty painkillers.  Which will hopefully not be needed. Ugh. Of course that part of my mouth is really sore right now – but that’s probably the tapping, hot water, latex dam and CO2 (with orange flavouring).
  • Tacos and apple crumble for dinner with the kids & Fraser. 
  • Phone call from my brother to wish me a happy trip.
  • Phone call from my godmother to wish me a happy trip.
Otto worked out today that I really am going, and that it really will be for a long time. I think she has been in denial until now – but now it’s “No, it ISN’T October”. I showed her how to cross off the days on the calendar until I am back. Hope that helps, although I have visions of Fraser getting up one day to find EVERY day in October and half of November crossed off as well.
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Posted by on October 1, 2008 in family, health


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