Saturday October 4

05 Oct

When I was planning my trip, the main factor was the timing of OMGESSEN!. The other was that I was going to visit York, to see my family – but that if I was in York, I could also use the opportunity to visit Beyond Monopoly! and get some gaming in. Those two things essentially determined the timing of my trip – Arrive in time to be in York on October 4th, be in Europe until at least October 26th.

And now it was Beyond Monopoly! day.

Hotel brekky was good. I have decided I would always eat brekky if I had a personal chef and a brekky buffet. Weet(a)bix, croissant, bread roll. Took yoghurt and a banana for later although I didn’t eat them in the end.

Wandered around York for a while taking photos – btw I am uploading all my photos to my Picasa gallery.  It’s a bit time-consuming to link to individual photos so I will only do it occasionally if ever.

Picked up some postcards and a fridge magnet for my niece (by command), then bought essentials like tissues and new batteries for camera (OMG Lithium batteries are meant to be worth it but they cost a FORTUNE), then headed for BM!

First game was Darjeeling, with Paul, Mason, Jon and Colin. I lost badly. Enjoyed this one although it is a style of game that I do badly at. My notes say “OMG I Suck” 🙂

Side note: the obsessive game logging is actually really good when travelling. Apart from anything else, I am wretched at names and being able to have them written down at the start is actually very useful.

Second side note: I think the pre-printed game journal guy should put me on commission. For every 20 people who think I am an anal-retentive nutter for having one, there is at least one who says OMGTHATROCKSMYWORLD. I think four people asked me yesterday where I had got it from.

People I met but did not game with:

  • Jackson Pope (Reiver games)
  • Martin Wallace (Warfrog/Treefrog) – Martin had some prototypes with him but I didn’t get a chance to  join any of those games.
  • Louise Holden (louiseh)
  • More other people than I can name.

After Darjeeling, the Hippo and Little Hippo kidnapped me for lunch. This was where things started to get interesting.

We figured that we’d walk into town and go to Pizza  Express. Hippo knew where it was so we made our apologies (back in 90 mins or so) and headed off down the street and over the bridge … only it wasn’t there! ‘Twas OK, though, because there was another bridge off to our right – so we headed up that way. Tried to shortcut through the city park which was a mistake – paramedics doing major resuscitation work on someone, so we were redirected.

Got halfway over that bridge and realised that we were really hopelessly not in the right spot.

Hippo: Um, there isn’t a third bridge is there?

Me: Yep.

Hippo: Oh …

So back we trudged. Half an hour down already, and now we were almost back where we had started.

Found the place eventually and ate there (slow service, but they were very busy) then headed up to Jim Garrahy’s fudge kitchen for afters. After that, it was back to Beyond Monopoly! – I had had a text asking where I’d got to, as it was well over the 90 mins or so. I headed confidently in the right direction, then got to a corner and stopped, confused, and had to get out the map. Weirdly, it was a corner I had navigated successfully 3 times already this visit – but it just looked different. I blame the number of people who were around.

Because I am commenting here on people I meet: Once again, the Hippo was just as lovely as he is online. Which is very lovely. And Little Hippo is delightful too – and has the world’s longest eyelashes. I think they must need detangling in the morning!

We made it back EVENTUALLY to BM! and rejoined the gaming fun. Andrew taught me his favourite game, Mr Jack – he got me to play Jack in our first game, as he felt that’s the easier role to play. I suspect it’s the easier role to learn the game with, but I still lost – then demanded a rematch 🙂  Andrew took Jack this time and my Mad Investigative Team rolled home to a victory. I really like this game – I do like games that involve deductive reasoning, and this actually had more than I initially thought. The question of whether a character is in the light or in the dark – which can effectively halve the field of suspects – is critical, as is watching not only which characters move but which don’t. I had narrowed the field to 2 by the third turn (wrote them down to prove it later) and was able to successfully accuse someone on Turn 6 even though I had technically not eliminated 3 characters.

Next was Sorry! Sliders, with Andy, Greg and Andrew. Andy had brought this back from the US. I had read about this and was intrigued – it really is a LOT of fun. I won the first game and we had a 3-way tie in the second.

After that was the Thief of Baghdad, with the same group. I quite enjoyed this as well, although I don’t think it would be something that’d see a lot of play. 

Last game of the day was Aquaretto with Oliver, Jon and Nick. The thrill of this game was that Jon said “tuppence”. Getting the meeples seems to be paramount here. I liked this better than Zooloretto, I think.

By now, most people had left, but Jon wanted to shoot some video. He shot some of me and Robert talking about Agricola, then some of us just talking about games in general. Fun fun fun.

Then Jon and I got some dinner in a local pub – nice food. I was pretty tired though – had been awake since 6 and it was now 9ish, so I piked and headed back to the hotel. It was so nice chatting with Jon – carried over our online chats into real life. He’s a lovely guy and really really dedicated to his gaming.

Aside: It feels very odd to say things here about people who I know read this blog. If I sound stilted, that is why. I have a policy of honesty, though – I am not going to say something just because I think it is what they want to hear 🙂

Back to the hotel, unwound for a little while on BSW with the frighteningly expensive hotel internet (really. Frightening. Ten quid for a day’s access. Ouch.) then went to sleep. Woke at 4 though (ouch) – tooth hurting and noisy drunk people in the corridor. It’s lunchtime in Australia, so I chatted for a while with Fraser and with Biggie. Things seem to be going smoothly there, and dad is due back from hospital on Wednesday (although F stresses that it is a moving feast).

My 24 hours of internet runs out around 9pm tonight – I won’t be renewing. After that, I’ll only be online if there is free wifi on the train again – no internet in my Cambridge hotel. I think there’s some in the Eurostar lounge, so I should catch up some time Tuesday morning or it might not be until I am settled in OMGPARIS.

Sorry to be so long-winded. I am sure I missed something, even with the loooong post.

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One response to “Saturday October 4

  1. Racing Hippo

    October 8, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    It was all just a ploy to monopolise your time for longer, really :p

    Shame I didn’t get a chance to play with you *ahem* play a game with you. Hopefully I’ll get one in while we’re at Essen. I recall you mentioned something about Le Havre….? 😀

    As for Pygmy Hippo’s eyelashes… we have the local scout troop on stand-by for knot-practice.


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