Thursday 10th – quick version

10 Oct

This way I don’t get too behind.

Flew to Budapest via Frankfurt. OMG Frankfurt airport is big.

Taxi to apartment which is gorgeous, very comfy and has OMGFREEINTERNET  but they are repaving the street outside so very noisy during the day. 

Went for a walk & found a game shop. Whee! Much more on this later. It was great!

Dinner at a Hungarian Scottish restaurant or is that a Scottish Hungarian restaurant. I embarassed E by ordering the tourist menu. Didn’t stop him sharing my OMGPalacsinki though.

Tooth unbelievably sore. Plane vibrations really REALLY don’t help. Found English speaking dentist and have appointment for 10am Friday. Fraser finally managed to speak to my dentist back home who is a sadist:

“Dentist said that reaction to hot and cold is an inflamed nerve and antibiotics will NOT help. Need an anti infflammatory like neurofen. When pain is more constant the problem tooth should be easier to identify and you should go to a dentist for the first part of a root canal to be finished when you come home.”


Slept well, thanks to Mr Ibuprofen and Codeine. Suggestions that I require painkillers to tolerate being around E, or that I actually PREFER having a root canal to sightseeing with him are entirely scurrilous and unworthy of blog time. 😉 

Also: OMG I was so totally right about people assuming if you speak any Hungarian you can speak a lot. More on this later, as well.

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