Friday 10th October – Budapest – part 1

12 Oct

So. Friday.

Woke up, didn’t really worry about making myself beautiful (*snicker*), even wore the super comfy shoes. Wrote down the dentist’s address from my email, then tried to ring the number they’d given me for a taxi. Tried several combinations, it didn’t work.

Luckily the Free Guide to Budapest had taxi numbers in it and I found the right one.

Note to self: When the street in front of the hotel is blocked off due to roadworks, don’t give that address to the taxi driver. Ah well, he found me.

The “five minute ride” took an eternity – well, more like 15 minutes. I may not have been counting time well, though.

Arrived at the dental practice, they didn’t know I was coming. Oh, yes they did, it was just a misunderstanding. Maybe. Anyway, I saw their “root canal specialist” who did a panoramic xray (one of those ones where you stand very still with a metal bar in your mouth) and then did the CO2 tests and tapping tests. OMG.

Upstairs you go, he said. I’ll prepare a treatment plan for you to approve before we proceed. Upstairs I went and I hate to admit it but there was some difficulty in fighting back the tears. I was in so much pain (hadn’t had any pain relief that morning) and I was at the dentist and I was in another country and I didn’t have my Otto to pat my shoulder afterwards 😦  Wow, sooking a little bit now just writing about it. It was pretty horrid.

They gave me my treatment plan and it said it was going to cost nearly FIVE HUNDRED EUROS – 100 for each canal plus the filling and the xray. Sigh. What can you do. Hope my travel insurance comes through for me. I signed the acceptance and they said it would be half an hour, and sent me up to their ROOF TOP CAFE (OMG Dental Tourism must be lucrative) for a free hot drink. I had a hot chocolate and when she offered me whipped cream on top I decided that I deserved it.

I should have taken photos of the cafe – there appeared to be internet screens, there was TV, there was a balcony with views … and there was me, trying very hard  to be brave. The whipped cream helped. OMG I am such a baby. Texted E with my new ETA of 1pm (from a 10am initial appointment).

Back downstairs and they gave me the injection, then I got out my iPod – first time I’d had it out of my bag all holiday. I also took the opportunity to bond with my dentist and his assistant by showing them the 1973 phrase book. They thought it was pretty outstanding.

Root canal – less said, the better. Vile but less vile than it could have been. Had to stop part way through for a second injection – apparently that can be especially necessary when the nerve is inflamed. Filled with temp filling that is OMGVERY temp – it’s pure white, and very rough. A bit annoying but less so than the OMGPAIN.

Paid the bill – 390 Euros (there were 3 rootable canals) which is probably not really all that bad. In Forints, that was something like 113,000 which is a much more exciting number. Called a cab back to the apartment, where the apartment manager let me back in. I had warned E that when I get back from Scary Dentist Visits I sometimes have to have a little weep and a little sleep, and he had wisely run away. My taxi driver spoke OMGNOENGLISH which was fantastic.

Oh – i stopped at a bank too and got some money out – but it was a 20,000 Forint note which seemed a little antisocial. So I went in to exchange it, but the woman didn’t speak anything but Hungarian. I managed to sign language what I wanted. Yay, me.

Later, E and I went out walking. Found lots of interesting looking places and discovered that not only does there seem to be a veterans’ tennis tournament on here, there is also a NATO conference. Presumably the blocked off roads and massive police presence is for the NATO people rather than for Borg and  McEnroe although there is some room for doubt.

We looked in some shops – managed to find some postcards in one. The guy there showed us a Secret Hungarian Box which I kind of suspect might be a Secret Thai Box and a Secret Austrian Box as well in the appropriate souvenir shops. Quite sweet but a bit much to carry. He then showed us a little carved wooden doll. When you push a button, his pants fall down and a little erection pops up. Less sweet, less to carry, but we didn’t get it.  

Sadly, I missed an opportunity for mayhem in the shop. The guy asked E where he came from and then added, “and your wife?” E said “Oh she isn’t my wife” and that was that – where the appropriate response would have been for me to drape myself all over him and purr, “Oh, we don’t need to worry about her, she’s still in France, isn’t she darling.”  I will remember that for next time 😉

Weirdly, our wanderings managed to take us to Gerbaud just as we were starting to get hungry. OMGFamousCakeShop! OMGHungry! OMGHungary! The coincidence was just too much to bear. I opted for my dad’s favourite, the Dobostorta, and E had – um, something else with lots of chocolate in it. Being tourists, we swapped a bite for a bite. Yum!

They also had iced chocolates for sale but they were 1700 HUF – around 7 Euros, or $14. They looked good, but not THAT good. I took a photo of the ice cream menu. Something tells me that my kids would enjoy Gerbaud.

Next stop, the post office – bought LOTS of stamps. Now I just need to write the postcards to match (at the time I am writing this, I have 24 hours left in Budapest to write about 12 cards).

Back to the apartment for a bit of a rest and internet fix, then E was feeling hungry and I was too, although I thought perhaps only for soup. 

More later. want to post this and shower 🙂

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Posted by on October 12, 2008 in health, travel


One response to “Friday 10th October – Budapest – part 1

  1. John Mellby

    October 15, 2008 at 4:08 am

    I’m glad this worked out. I know its tremendously bad because this happened to me
    two years ago. Away from home in Tennessee (only 700 miles) and some unidentifiable
    tooth starts hurting. The (Tennessee) dentists only suggestion was
    to drill a root canal into a random tooth and see if that fixed it.
    Painkillers while driving 700 miles? Not a good idea.

    Enjoy Essen for us all, and come visit us at BGG Con some year!


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