Friday 10th October – Budapest – Part 2

13 Oct

We headed out and found ourselves another restaurant along Raday Utca. Spoilers: Service worse, food a bit better than the previous night.

We sat at a longish table, figuring there wouldn’t be many more people out and about at 9.30pm, but the waiter MADE US MOVE to another table for 2.

So much for my plans for soup – menu sounded Just Too Good. I had chicken breast stuffed with apple & cinnamon and cheese that was just cheese in English but was feta in Italian, German and Hungarian (the menu was in many languages). we wondered whether you got different food depending which language you ordered in.

Anyway. We ordered. Main meals and a side dish, each. And E had soup.

In fact, E had Uihazy tsucukleves (not sure about the spelling there). That means “our house’s chicken soup”. Now I have YEARS of experience with this stuff, because my dad liked it so much when he spent some time in Hungary that he got mum to make it. Now the Food Hygiene Police should look away for a moment because this gives even ME the shudders. She would make a big pot of soup, feed us, then leave it on the stove. The next night, she would heat it up, feed us, then leave it on the stove. By day 3, it would be running a bit low, so she’d add water and pasta, heat it up, feed us, then … well, you get the idea. Sometimes we’d eat it for 6 days in a row. OMG.

Well, anyway, we ordered. I ordered a lemonade, E a mineral water. And food, of course. With side dishes.

Then our waiter came back, to tell me (yes, really) that I had ordered the WRONG side dish for my meal and I should have rice or mashed potatoes with basil. Um, ok. I was meek, even though the Bad Man was actually depriving me of BACON. The mashed potatoes with basil were OK but they also would have been improved by OMGBACON.

An aside: One of the wonderful things that Hungarian people have invented is OMGCAFEBLANKETS.  Seriously. Every cafe has blankets on the back of the chairs, in case you get cold. Many are Thematic Blankets. For example, the Skot Etterem that we ate at last night had tartan blankets. *giggle*. They’re for the chillier nights – you can just snuggle up in your blanky and keep right on eating.

Meanwhile, my lemonade had arrived. Now I don’t know what my face looked like, but I know what E’s face looked like. I had to look away, because we had only just finished laughing about my OMGCORRECTEDORDER and now suddenly there was something new to laugh about. E’s face was a study in “stunned”. I am sure mine was similar – we collapsed in giggles as soon as the waiter had left. Instead of the Sprite that I had expected, I had this amazing concoction with different kinds of fruit and a mint sprig growing out of the top. It was delicious, but weird.


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2 responses to “Friday 10th October – Budapest – Part 2

  1. Fenchurch

    October 17, 2008 at 3:18 am

    Heh! WRT the lemonade… it was probably really similar to the reaction we had when we first ordered lemonade on our trip to Australia and got Sprite!! 🙂

    It sounds like you are having the time of your life, though!!

  2. melissainau

    October 17, 2008 at 6:09 am

    I’m having an absolute ball, my dear.



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