Monday, October 13th

16 Oct

OMG!!! Last day in Budapest!!!

E went out to get postcards while I lazed around doing remarkably little  and failing to go to the post office. In fairness, I did spend abotu 40 minutes skyping with Otto, who is getting very grown up in her use of the computer. We don’t have a working microphone on the main desktop computer, so I turned on my webcam and talked to her, and she occasionally typed something at me to show that she was listening. Mostly emoticons and kisses, which was about right. Apparently she was chattering away at the screen, which is pretty amazing for a child who just grunts or runs away when invited to use the telephone. I was pretty proud of some of her typing, too – she did manage to communicate with me. I must send her teacher part of the transcript.

By dint of some clever packing, and wearing the bulkier of my jackets, I managed to fit OMGEVERYTHING in the 2 bags I had brought, even though they were both full when we came over. It is possible that I was a bit smug about that. We frantically finished our postcards, then returned the apartment key and called for a taxi. It was around 11.30.

Taxi to airport, checked bags (I checked my backpack as well – thank goodness for my roomy laptop sleeve that was adequate to hold my purse as well) and showed passports, posted postcards (I hope they clear this postbox faster than they clear the one at Melbourne Airport). Plane (Lufthansa) to Munich airport, where I bought postcards (it seems unlikely that I will ever travel to Munich airport again), a novel in German and some stamps. 

Note: German stamps to send a postcard to Australia are 15 Euro cents more expensive than French ones. Unless those were just the only stamps they had.

The big discovery at Munich airport, though, was the OMGGAMESSHOP. Well, technically, it was more of a toy shop, but it had a better range of games than most games shops I have visited. E murmured things that, I think, were the French equivalent of “Down, girl!” – mostly that they would all be available at OMGESSEN!. Check out my photos to see the range. OMG!!!

From Muenchen, we boarded the OMG World’s Smallest Plane. OK, far from the world’s smallest, but definitely the smallest I’ve ever travelled in. There was a trolley to collect and check hand luggage that wouldn’t fit comfortaably in the cabin. We only had 2 flight attendants for the plane, which seated 4 across. My seat reservation was changed so E and I did not sit together. This is probably the reason why I managed to finish writing and post Saturday’s blog 🙂

Back at Charles de Gaulle, we revisited the World’s Longest Travellator and then went through the very space age (for the 1970s) hub. I think this is kind of cool but E was faintly embarassed when I commented on it. Then again, he may just have been embarassed because he was travelling with OMGME! 🙂

Luggage arrived – one of my bags was reasonably on time, the other was really really late, like last off the plane late. Ironically, even when it arrived, the display was still showing that luggage from our flight would be ‘arriving shortly’. Both my bags had been opened and searched in Budapest. That’s fine, but NEITHER had been closed properly. I assume nothing fell out in the hold, but am not certain. 😦

Navigating public transport back to E’s, I decided that a taxi might be the best way to get to Gare de l’Est the next day. E independently came to the same idea. My amount of baggage is mockable, especially given my very sincere efforts to travel light. Fortunately, much of it will be eaten – errrm, distributed – in OMGESSEN!.

Back at E’s, I did some washing (not good to be down to one clean top) and then we headed out to the local Indian restaurant for dinner. The food was excellent, but I ordered “Poulet au beurre” rather than trying to say Butter Chicken with a French accent. I confessed to E that I felt a bit sad that my Hungarian seemed more functional than my French – although I realise that I was trying to say rather more sophisticated things in French than my point-and-pidgin Hungarian.

Chatted with the Bigster for a while, which was great. She sounds so grown up!! 

“Packing” involved sorting out what could be posted home already. Plan for Tuesday: OMGPostOffice!

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  1. Fraser

    October 16, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Cut & pasted in from the original document? It looks like it has been pasted twice 🙂


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