Tooth Update

16 Oct

Friday – root canal. Face a bit swollen and sore but that may just be the injection site??
Saturday – in Esztergom and Sturovo. By the time we had trudged through the dark and cold for a while, I was really in quite a lot of pain. But nothing like the previous week.
Sunday – bit of an ache. Woman in shop said she thought my face was a bit swollen on that side. I can’t really see it anymore.
Monday – throbbed a bit in the plane.
Since Tuesday – nothing. Swelling seems to be gone, too.

I am favouring the other side, but that’s more out of fear of pain than actual pain. And fear of the VERY temporary filling. OMG. I don’t want to have any more unscheduled dentist visits this trip.

Most importantly, no pain killers since Friday. My feet are starting to go down, which proves (to me, anyway) that it was the painkillers that caused the OMGHORRIBLE swelling. Phew.

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Posted by on October 16, 2008 in health, travel


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