Tuesday 14th, part 2

17 Oct

Darlings, this next week is where my blog will be super-boring, because it’s about visiting friends and absolutely NOT about sightseeing. Well, not much, anyway.

Arrived in Karlsruhe, where Werner met me at the station, and jumped in a taxi to my hotel. Heavy bags make taxis MUCH easier than other public transport options. My room at the Etap Hotel was amazing – for those (like me) who aren’t familiar with them, Etap is a (French?) chain of cheap hotels. Each room has a double bed and a single bunk above it, and a pre-fabricated bathroom. Photos are coming. Trust me, it was weird.

The closest thing I’d seen to the bathroom was at a pub in Robe, South Australia, when Fraser and I were on our honeymoon. The entire bathroom was basically one moulded piece of heavy plastic. Very cheap to install, I assume, but it did get a bit slippery.

After dumping my luggage, we headed to Werner’s for a game of Thurn und Taxis. This was essential for two reasons – firstly, Werner and I play Thurn und Taxis every. single. day. on BSW; secondly, we had coincidentally hit 999 games on BSW over the weekend. So we got to celebrate our 1000th game by playing our usual game live instead of online. That was pretty cool.

We caught a tram into Karlsruhe and had a quick look around, then found a pub for a light dinner. After all I ate in Budapest, I’m *so* not hungry anymore. In an amazing coincidence-that-was-not-a-coincidence, the pub was just around the corner from the big games club Werner is a member of. Cunningly, he had borrowed a key so I could have a squizz. Super cunningly, I forgot to take any photos, but I did try to catch up at the end. But the game shelves. Ohhhh, the game shelves. OMG they have a lot of games. Sorry Jon, Beyond Monopoly is beaten. Hands down.

Not only do they have (counts) 3 or 4 gaming rooms on the ground floor, they also took over and rebuit the basement. Low rooves and dungeon-like rooms are very popular with the roleplayers, and there’s also space for miniatures gamers and wargamers. (There was a copy of one of those very big, very long wargames set up in one room, with a frame to protect it from casual observers. I resisted my evil urges that screamed, OMG! MOVE TWO TILES! – just.)

Add toilets, kitchen, and a little booth where they sell snacks and drinks, and you have a fantastic set-up for gaming. They even get people coming in off the street to check out the club. Mostly they have very basic tables and chairs (all you need for gaming), but they also had a sofa and comfy chairs.

It’s amazing to see what can be done with a games club.

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