Friday 17th October

20 Oct

Something a bit different today – we went sailing with InLawsOfHanno. After a quiet morning and a latish lunch (One of the odd joys of this holiday has been that the people I have visited all eat, like me, kind of late.), we headed off to meet them at their sailing club. Being so late in the season, the mast was down and we travelled with the motor, but it was still OMGSAILING. Up the Weser to an offshoot of Bremen, then down the L??? river a fair way. Then dinner in a pub and home via ferry.

Cool things about OMGSAILING:

  • The radar towers along the Weser, in case the Netherlands decide to invade. Errm, I mean, in case of fog. But I like my Netherlands theory better.
  • Little Hanno being adorable. Wasser! Wasser! Schiff! Schiff!
  • OMGALOCK! Really! We were LOWERED in a LOCK! (I was surprised by how much was actually involved here – all the boats were tethered together very very tightly 
  • Little Hanno learning my name. Really. “Missa?” “Missa?”
  • Little spots for everything. The boat was like a caravan – it really had everything – bedroom, bathroom, dining room/kitchen (with bench seats that could also be used for sitting)
  • Dinner – Wiener Schnitzel and salad. With OMGSUPERYUMMY dressing.
  • My neighbour at dinner being confused that I was Australian and assuming that I was a German who had migrated there. OMGILOVEHER!!! I notice how many mistakes I make when I am speaking, so it’s nice to get some positive reinforcement.
  • And a Mohnwasser. Otherwise known as Spezi. I must have drunk this before but I had completely forgotten it. It’s a cocktail of goodness, which was yet another way to break my vow: 50/50 Coke and Fanta. OMG. It sounds beyond disgusting and it is OMGSOGOOD.

I am noticing a tendency to talk about food a lot here. Ooops.

The car ferry was interesting because I literally could not tell we were moving – presumably because the car itself was standing still. It was only the movement outside (hard to tell in the dark) that really gave it away.

Weird news in my email was that Otto’s teacher, who started at the school in January, will be leaving next Wednesday “for personal reasons”. Seems very sudden and apparently there was no advance warning for parents either. Otto tells me her teacher’s “sister” (which is what Otto calls her daughter) is not well – but who knows? I was pretty upset and worried about how she would take it, but Otto seems to be quite calm about it. She knows the substitute teacher quite well, which is always an advantage.

The mission for the evening: OMGVEGIEMEEPLES. Whee!

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