Thursday 16th October

20 Oct

I managed to re-pack the OMGBAGSOFHORROR and Werner came over to take me to the station (with champagne … what a sweetie!). German trains are so good – they tell you, on the timetables, what platform your train will leave from. They’re right something like 100% of the time, too. It makes it much easier particularly when I have to change trains at a station, because my German tickets tell me which platform I need to go to. Well, my German itineraries tell me that, at least. Of course, those of us who are paranoid (I prefer to call it detail-minded) still check, but it’s generally clear. Unlike in Paris and the UK.

For this trip, I am slumming it in second class. In retrospect, it probably would have been worth going for first class for such a long trip (I’m travelling for 5 and a half hours or so – 10:51 till 16:25, with a half hour stop in Hannover), but I’m quite comfortable. Booking the seat with a table was a good plan. I’m pretty sure I did that everywhere.

The guard/ticket guy is a bit adorable though – very funny and friendly. The snack bar guy made me laugh, unwittingly – his uniform included a windcheater (errm, sweatshirt) with  a list of what he was selling! Too fun 🙂

Train changes went well, despite a broken escalator in Hannover and a guard exhorting us to climb the stairs rather than waiting for the lift (um, yeah, riiiiight). Hanno picked me up at the station and took me back to chez him.

Met Mrs Hanno and Little Hanno, and had the tour. What a great house – it’s an old farmhouse, with thatched roof and roomy living areas on the first floor. There’s a guest room and a big unrenovated area on the ground floor, which I share with pallets of games and related stuff. Too fun!


And I broke a pledge of 11 years. For good cause, though.

You see, 13 years or so ago, I drank a lot of coke. When I say a lot of coke … well, I don’t drink tea or coffee, so it was my caffeine source. Where other people would drink coffee, I drank coke. That means I would have a can when I got to work in the morning, another for morning tea, another for lunch, then one for afternoon tea, and coke when I got home in the evening. Quite apart from the sugar, the caffeine itself can’t have been good either. I remember having my only Bridal Hissy Fit (at least, the only one I care to admit to) over the fact that the venue for our wedding reception had an exclusive licence with Schweppes and therefore had to serve Pepsi. The problem was resolved when they agreed that I could smuggle in my own coke bottle for the reception. I think I stuck with champagne and water in the end, but the opportunity was there.

Anyway, about 8 months after Fraser and I were married, I decided to give up coke. Cold Turkey. I have not had a coke since July 1997. I was completely beastly for the first few weeks and even now I get OMGNEARLYUNCONTROLLABLECOKECRAVINGS. Especially when Fraser is drinking it, and I have to sit there with my hands wrapped around the bottle and just breathe in that wonderful caramelly aroma. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway. There was Agri Cola. Which is not coke, so it’s not really breaking the vow, right.



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3 responses to “Thursday 16th October

  1. gregor

    October 22, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Euchre! I love euchre. I didn’t think it was played much in Oz?

  2. melissainau

    October 23, 2008 at 8:15 am

    I’ll try to get you a euchre deck then.

  3. LA

    October 25, 2008 at 6:08 am

    German trains are so good – they tell you, on the timetables, what platform your train will leave from.
    So do most of ours. It’s only London where they don’t…


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