Monday 20th October

21 Oct

Greeted by Little Hanno with “Missa!” when I came up this morning – too cute. He’s at that age where he loves to say a word over and over, just to make sure he knows it  properly. I’ve been  able to practise my kiddie German over the last few days:

  • Kuehe
  • Schafe
  • Pferd
  • Katze
  • Hund
  • Schweine
  • Hahn
  • Haus
  • Auto
  • Traktor
  • Flugzeug
  • auch
  • machen
  • trinken
  • Schiff
  • Wasser
  • and the very favourite word of all: Anhaenger

Packed a parcel with a couple of games and some leftover to send home – it works out, packed, to 4983 grams – just under the 5000 mark. Easier to get rid of them now, and not schleppp them to OMGESSEN! – Hanno will post them for me.

Then Hanno took me to the station at Hude – I had a choice of the 10:23 or 10:45 train, and just made the 10:23. Either would have got me to Bremen in plenty of time for the 11:44 train to OMGESSEN! but the 10:23 was definitely easier – I picked up a new novel and some postcards at the station (have got a bit behind in sending postcards to the kids over the last few days). The most important thing was to get one with a photo of the Brementown Musicians, as Otto knows the story and has the HABA game. Which I promised someone I would write a review of. Oops.

Despite not really being hungry, I picked up a bread roll at the station, for the ride. At least, I thought it was a bread roll. With flour on top. Only the flour was icing sugar and the bread was kind of halfway to being a cake. And it was filled with vanilla creme patisserie. OMGYUM.

Goal for this train ride: 

1. Get blog up to date (mostly check). 

2. Annotate pictures (still to do)

3. Finally write the story of the more modern Hungarian phrase book (still to do)

4. Kick back and relax.

Right now, 4 sounds the best option.

Plans for when I get to OMGESSEN!:

1. Go to hotel, dump luggage, shower. I could get the tram but will probably be lazy & get a taxi, because I just have So. Much. Luggage (still).

2. Wander around city.

3. OMGSHOPPING! (clothes for kids, maybe something for me, check out Toys R Us, get more stamps, buy books and DVDs)

4. Kick back and relax.

5. Maybe catch up with friends tonight (had originally planned to catch up with a girlfriend but she has to work – which is a shame but we will definitely catch up during the OMGMESSE).

I can’t believe there is only a week left of my holiday. Told the Bigster last night that this is the last full week that I’ll be away – where did the time go? I have had such a wonderful trip, and am now sooooooooooo relaxed and generally happy. And energised and enthusiastic and I don’t think it is wrong to say that I will be a much better parent when I get back than I have been for the last year or two, since the stress really hit. 


Now I just have to find a way to do this (well, maybe for 2 weeks, anyway) OMGEVERYYEAR!

What I have not missed is the sound of my kids squabbling – with each other, with me, with Fraser. Hopefully this break has given me a bit of energy to actually deal with that in a constructive way. Or at least some goodies to distract them with 😉

*** later ***

Shopped, mostly for books – found the shopping area just as it was time to drop everything back at the hotel to go and meet C and E for “Recklinghausen Leuchtet”. The tour took longer than expected and OMG my feet hurt (was on them from 3 till 9pm pretty much non stop) but was interesting – probably more so for someone who has visited Recklinghausen before. Dinner afterwards was a vegetarian pizza because I have eaten OMG SO MUCH MEAT in the 5 days that I have been staying with a vegetarian.

Back to the hotel, checked email VERY QUICKLY. Internet here costs 30c a minute or 19.90 flat rate till midnight after the first hour. OMG! Make sure I do not go over the hour!  Now it’s take off makeup and kick back with a book in the bath. I am eyeing the bottle of champagne in the mini bar. I saved 19.90 on internet, right, so what is 5 Euros on bubbles?


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