Tuesday October 21 – Part 1

21 Oct

Slept in, had OMG the most MASSIVE breakfast EVER, headed into town for some shopping. More books (oops) and (importantly) a second, cheap suitcase. Not entirely sure how I am going to get everything to the station in OMGESSEN! on Sunday evening, given that there are OMGNOLIFTS there. I think I will be asking around to find some studly people to help me. Lifting things in and out of the train won’t be a problem (I have a direct connection to Frankfurt airport) but getting them up onto the platforms could be more than a bit risky.

Wandered around the shops for a while but was frankly unexcited. Lots of things that would have been OMGSOCHEAP before the bloody Australian dollar collapsed. I don’t quite understand why “the Australian economy is very strong compared to other world economies” seems to go with “OMG the Aussie dollar has lost A THIRD OF ITS VALUE”. Even when I bought my Euros, things were pretty positive – but now the dollar has tanked and I still need to withdraw some more to get me through the fair. Rather a lot more, I suspect. We’re down to $2 for 1 Euro, which makes the games still reasonably priced but much less so than before. And frankly it sucks. It’s meant that, apart from all the books, I’ve really been reasonably frugal this trip (I hear Fraser cheering in the background) because every time I go to spend something a little voice says, “That’s less money you’ll have for games!”. I’ve tried not to let it spoil my trip – I’m here now, worrying about money is kind of pointless – but it’s definitely having an impact. And it means that some of the costs of my trip will probably have to come out of family consolidated revenue rather than it being entirely self-funded, simply because I can’t afford to self-fund it all. The same applies to Fraser’s trip to BGGcon – it’s booked, no point worrying about things we cannot change. But if anyone in NY wants to put him up for a few days, that would help 🙂

Meanwhile, it puts my plans for next year under a cloud as well. Back when my estimated 12-15,000 Euros were $20,000 it was one thing, now they are $25-30,000 (and with the dollar possibly sinking further) it becomes a LOT harder to justify. Especially if I am not working, which isn’t really an option if I am here on my own with 2 children. That sucks hugely and I am trying not to think about it because *waaaaaahhhh*. Meanwhile, the money we have in the bank is earning less and less interest. I’m just glad we didn’t listen to the guy who wanted us to borrow $200k to invest in the sharemarket – in JUNE. OMG!!!

Whine whine whine. I am in OMGESSEN, right? That’s the important thing.

Wrote postcards. Need to buy some more.

Back to hotel, feet up for a while. Apparently I was allergic to last night’s bath and shower gel – I have a weird rash on my ankles. Sigh.

My room appears to have been half made up – someone has moved a couple of things and opened the curtains. Checked email and BGG very quickly by opening many many tabs with interesting things on them and then disconnecting from the OMGINTERNET so I could read them.

And now I can’t restrain myself any more. I’m off to the OMGMESSE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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