Tuesday 21st Part 2

22 Oct

Oh. My. God.

I am in OMGESSEN! and today I was at OMGESSEN!


So, it took me about 35 minutes to walk to the OMGMESSE. This was mostly because I kept stopping to take photos, especially of anything that said “OMG the Spielmesse is this way” (or, to say that in German, “Spiel” – for once, German is much more compact than English. Well, than Australian English, anyway.). Also, the post office is directly on the way to the Messe. That has to be fate, or something.

Got there and had an attack of OMGHOWDOIGETIN? followed by OMGWHERETHEF***ISHALL9? – but I made it, not too long after Hanno as it turned out. At least, his car was still parked in what will become the Lookout Games Queuing Area.

Met Susanne and Uwe, went to Altenburger to collect the L decks only to find that no-one was there, wandered back to Lookout Games where I sorted Bohnanza Expansion pre-orders into alphabetical order. OMG teh excitement. Met up with Dale, Valerie, Brian, Patrick, Henning and Jonathan (and others?) who were headed off to check out the super amazing apartment Hanno had let … I stayed and, you guessed it, sorted Bohnanza boxes. (Uwe and Susanne wisely took themselves off).

Hanno returned with the L deck boxes we had tried to snaffle earlier from Altenburger, as well as with Klemens and his wife, Andrea. We broke open a pack to have a look – and this is where things got complicated. You see, although the cards were packed into decks, they will not actually be available as decks. They are broken up roughly as follows:

  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Zev card (in English)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Harald card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Felix card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Thomas card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Klemens card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Melissa card (in English)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Hanno card (in English)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Hanno card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Uwe card (in English)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Uwe card (in German)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Uwe card (in German, with business card)
  • Le Havre Secret Super Special Building
  • Special secret DIY Agricola Card

Not that the order is engraved on my brain or anything.

Anyway, the plan was as follows:

  • Make piles of each person’s card, so they can autograph them for their OMG Crazy Fans
  • Mix up the Le Havre Secret Super Special Building cards for handing out as bonuses – 1 card for every 10 Euros spent at the stand.

I got going. There were 1000 decks to be sorted.

And suddenly, I don’t quite know how, there was a party. A card-sorting party, with all these lovely helpful people: Dale, William, Valerie, Jeremiah, Patrick, Jonathan and Dale-errm-Brian, sorting out all the various cards and eating the Tim Tams that I had brought along for just such an eventuality. The Tim Tams seemed to be very popular. Not so for the next australian food.

Next to arrive was the OMGAgri-Cola. This is going to be a collector’s item at the Messe and afterwards, especially given the difficulty of actually transporting it anywhere. My main fear is that any packed bottle would break or leak and ruin my games. I suspect an empty may end up making the trip with me, though.

Agri-Cola duly sampled, I got out the next tasty treat: Musk flavoured life savers, for Dale.

Dale: Oh. Ummm. That tastes like, … ummmm …. Valerie, you try these!

Valerie: They taste like PERFUME!

Jeremiah: They taste like my GRANDMOTHER’S BATHROOM!

*cue everyone looking at Jeremiah a little differently now*

My secret twin Ann arrived, having driven over from OMGTHENETHERLANDS just to go out for dinner (how much does she rock!) and joined in the packing party. Her take on the musk life savers was that they tasted like toilet deodoriser. Or possibly disinfectant.

I really, really wonder how people know what all these things taste like.

Eventually, our sorting party broke up and Ann and I wandered around looking at forlorn stands that had not yet been set up. And some that had, at least partially. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff to look at yet. I was keen to look at what Ystari were doing but Cyril was apparently lost in the Netherlands. Which really are not on the way from France to Germany. At least, not intentionally.

Found the new home of Rio Grande in Hall 10 (did you notice I sound like an old pro at this by now?) and met Jay and Scott Tepper. They, together with Dale-or-Brian and Valerie, were playing an Austrian card game using the Agricola Euchre decks. After a bit more wandering, it was time to find our way  out – which was not entirely easy. I blessed the thought of my sister-in-law who had given me a travel umbrella – it was really needed tonight.

The most interesting thing we saw was a poster for a German language version of Brass. I don’t think I knew that was going to happen.

*yawn* so tired.

We finally made our way out of the halls and out to the car park, to Ann’s car. She drove me and E into the city centre, where the 3 of us were to meet C and J for dinner at Maredo, a restaurant in the city centre. OMG duck breast! OMG salad bar! OMOMG dessert platter to share with J! It took me a good 20 minutes, she was done a lot quicker but apparently I was talking ALL THE TIME. Meanwhile, they all scrutinised my wishlists and made disparaging comments. I won the evening, however, when I managed to get E to throw something at me. I only wish I could remember what I said!

LOTS more detail tomorrow, because tomorrow I will actually get to play some games. Planned are OMGLEHAVRE (this actually went home with some of the americans tonight, so there might be some play reports in the morning) and Heads of State, at Eggertspiele.

If I met you and forgot to name you, or if I got your name wrong, I apologise. Let me know and I will try to do better next time.

And me? 

Wow. The Messe is OMGSOVERYBIG. The idea that there will be PEOPLE there tomorrow – and TENS OF THOUSANDS of people there on Thursday is just mind-blowing. My legs hurt, my feet are sore, I feel beyond exhausted.

So many people have said to me, “I hope that it is everything that you expect it to be.”. So far, this trip has been MORE than I could ever have expected, because of all the fantastic people I have met.

And tomorrow, the Messe begins.


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4 responses to “Tuesday 21st Part 2

  1. Fraser

    October 22, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Ah good old Musk LifeSavers, that forgotten Australian speciality. I know remember Dave Langford of the 20 odd Hugo Awards specifically mentioning them at his dinner speech at AussieCon 3. I quite liked them when I was young.

  2. RacingHippo

    October 22, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    I’m guessing the Australian for Spielemesse would be Spiel-o :p
    And the Missa-Australian for it is therefore OMGSpiel-o.

    Now, don’t go playing so much Le Havre that you get bored with it – I’m hoping to bag a game of it with you… OMGTOMORROW!!! Assuming you can fit it into your busy social calendar 😉

  3. gregor

    October 22, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks Melissa! I’m very much enjoying following your OMGADVENTURE; especially vicariously experiencing all the games. Packing little game-bags with game-bits, in the company of other hard core gamers for yet other gamers — OMGGAMERHEAVEN!

  4. melissainau

    October 23, 2008 at 8:15 am

    John: you’re on!

    Gregor: glad you’re enjoying it. See you first weekend of November (with all the new games)?


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