October 22 2008 – Wednesday

23 Oct

Photos here :


So, darlings, I should possibly warn you that I am, if not stinkbesoffen, at least etwas beschwipst. Technically, more than just etwas. Oops.

It’s Wednesday, so that means Press day. I’d arranged to meet people there at 10 for final setup before the Messe opened to the press at 11. Well, for the press conference, anyway.

Brekky was good and I got the hotel to call me a taxi. Lazy, but it gave me an extra half hour in bed, so well worthwhile. While I was waiting, a van pulled up and I looked at it idly. “Wouldn’t it be funny if that was someone from the Messe.”

The doors opened and out jumped Cyril de Maegd – the same Cyril who was mysteriously stuck in the OMGWRONGCOUNTRY last night. Apparerntly they arrived so late that their room had been sold from under them, but it was all sorted out this morning – and in the meantime, they were passed on to another hotel.

Arriving at the Messe, I was detoured from the main entrance to one of the side doors. While security stopped me at the main entrance, I waltzed straight in through the side door and didn’t even see a guard. Hmmmm..

At the Lookout stand, things were starting to be unpacked. Both the German and Australian editions of Le Havre had made it back from their overnight plays (both Pat and Jeremiah  told me they liked Le Havre EVEN BETTER than Agricola) so we were ready to roll. And at last the German copies of Le Havre had arrived – a whole pallet full. We unloaded and stacked them, and squashed the cartons. 

Hanno headed upstairs for the Neuheiten Show (where they show off all the new games) and left me and Thomas at the booth. Oh yeah – at some point I met Thomas. And Hagen, and a bunch of other people. Hi, guys. Thomas brought me my Lookout Games tshirts, which I failed to wear today. Oops.

A pallet of English L:e Havre was delivered, and we had to decide what to do with it. I voted to put it in front of the German games, to save space. This was not quite as stupid an idea as it sounded. It looked good. The lovely Patrick helped us unpack and stack.

Thomas and I tidied things up and moved things around. 3rd edition Agricola still did not have a place. Hagen and he then decided to rearrange all the OMG Agri Cola bottles. Good plan, guys. That was not even meant to sound sarcastic – it WAS a good plan and it worked well.

Lots of people wanted L deck cards. OMG Lucky I had bought pens to sign them with, we couldn’t find Hanno’s. Others wanted other stuff and we just didn’t know what to do. We made it up as we went along.

OMG it was almost 12 o’clock. I raced upstairs for the New Stuff Show (having deliberately not bothered with the press conference – oops). It was seething with people. Hanno was wearing his pretty farmer’s costume, and a woman and two girls were playing Agricola. I later found out (by eavesdropping when they were called by name) that they are in fact the Bigster’s penfriends. I have things for them which I must take on OMGFriday. Some TV kids were there and got to play a round or two. Uwe gave short sound bytes to the TV – specifically, to WDR. That got him onto OMGLOTS of TV networks. I later saw a WDR reporter wandering around with an Agricola box, which has to be a good thing, right?

Saw lots of other games. Took photos. You can see them in my Picasa albums.

Went back downstairs to Lookout at 9-40, where things were being sold. Someone asked a question about, I don’t know, the English L deck or something. I told them to come back at 12, and they pointed out that it was already 20 past. Ooops. We coped..

Lots of questions about the X deck, and lots of people asked about the fundraiser for the Ethiopian farmers. Donations per bottle range from 1.70 to 5 Euros. I think 3-5 is an appropriate amount – coincidentally, people buying Le Havre + the Bohnanza expansion + vegiemeeples spend 46 Euros and have 4 in change.  Have hooked a few that way.

Signed lots of L deck cards and met more gamers including

  • Derk Solko and the BGG guys
  • Michelle Zentis
  • Knut-Michael Wolf
  • Stewart Dagger
  • Lorna Wong
  • Frank Schulte-Kulkmann (whose blog has a photo of me in it)
  • Lots of people whose names I don’t know/remember. Yes, I suck.

We were kept pretty busy, selling stuff and sorting stuff and signing stuff. The rule about sending Agricola postcards is biting us in the bum already, I think – it really slows things down. But hopefully it will stop black marketeering.

Met the lovely Grzegorz who foolishly errm generously posted on Boardgamegeek that he would send postcards to people who wanted them. He has – are you sitting down – TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT takers. Most from the first 24 hours, I gather. (Yes, darling blog readers, I will send you one if you ask  me nicely. Just email me your address REALLY SOON.). He took away the most enormous stack of postcards and stamps.

Met Derk who told me he was not recording anything and secretly was. OMG that is a breach of privacy laws or something. I am sure he must owe me a drink at this point.

Met lots of other lovely people, including Michelle who told me (OMG the bitch!) that she had 7 games for Fraser back at her hotel. What she means is, she will bring them to OMGBGGcon to give to Fraser because there is NO WAY IN HELL that I will carry them home from OMGESSEN! and she knew that. She was cold so I forced her to wear my jacket for a while. I hope she did not have an attack of the OMGTHECREEPYLADYMADEMEWEARHERCLOTHES.

Around 2.45, I went for a wander but failed to find whatever it was I was looking for. Back to Lookout for 3pm and sign some cards, then the lovely Jon Power turned up again. He took me off for a wander around hall 12 and introduced me to lots of people and pointed out many more. Along the way, I got a preview of  Down Under, which looks like a rather nice abstract-ish game. I also saw one stall which sells cookie cutters in different shapes. Not game  piece shapes or anything (I looked in vain for a meeple). Just potential cookie shapes. Weird.

I also ate a sausage. OMG First Food since brekky!

Jon showed me around halls 12, 11 and 10. I was disappointed that Tier auf Tier: Das Duell didn’t make it to the Messe. We ran into E and Jon said he wanted to get him to pose with one of his games. Instead, he kindly posed with Someone Else’s Games instead. My theory is that that is a much rarer photo. Jon’s theory is that the photo is of little or no use. I suspect we are both right, but he may technically be More Right Than Me. We shall see.

Back to Hall 9 to rest my weary feet. OMG how weary my feet were by now!!!

Hanno and I talk about the x-deck problem and I maybe find a solution. There are 50 copies for sale every day, from 10am. If you buy one after 10am, it cost 15 Euros. The longer you wait, the lower the price gets – 1 Euro an hour – so by 6pm it is down to 7 Euros. But will there be any left? I make a mental note to make some signs with the numbers from 1 to 50.

Eventually my feet recovered and we wandered through Hall 6 with all the roleplaying stuff. One guy had suits of armour – Jon said he asked one day what they cost and the answer was “12,000 to 15,000 Euros”. Ouch.

Hall 4 had some interesting stuff including lots of the flea market stalls. I didn’t see any of the Formula De tracks that Fraser asked me to look out for, but I did see a copy of OMGWHISKYSETTLERS! It really does exist, although it is frighteningly expensive.

We found the Czech Games Edition people and Dilli and Filip gave us a quick (10 minute) overview of Space Alert. The victory condition? To stay alive until the soundtrack runs out – so for 10 minutes. This looks like a REALLY GOOD GAME and I did get a copy, as did Jon. There is a work-around if you don’t have music, so it is on the list as a possible game for tomorrow night. Well, tonight, now.

Back to Lookout, chat chat chat, OMGHOLYCOWITISQUARTERTO7ALREADY! The DSP dinner is due to start at 7:30 and I have to get changed. Stuff games into a box, jump in taxi, back to hotel, change, makeup, call taxi, wait, wait, wait, back to Messe by around 7:35. Have to talk my way past the security guard because I don’t have my invitation. It’s OK in the end, and I find Hanno et al.

Text to Fraser: OMG!!! I am at a table with OMGREINER!!!

I was kind of amused because his shoes didn’t match, but it turned out that was because of his game and wasn’t really a mistake at all. Sigh. The ghost costume was pretty amazing, though.

chat, chat, chat, Hanno and Uwe go up to get the DSP and we all swing into action. Thanks to Dale, Valerie and Eric who stepped in to help too – we swooped to pick up the Agri Cola. Only problem was, it wasn’t where we expected it to be. So all through the prizegiving, I wandered around with the staff until at last we found the guy who knew where it was, and handed out one bottle to everyone in the room. They seemed to enjoy it.

Had a lovely chat with Hanno’s mum, who turned out to be a superhero. There is a station near them that is built beside some Roman ruins, and Hanno had asked her to pick up a postcard for me to send to the Bigster. They didn’t have any postcards handy, so  she WENT THERE and took some photos which she had printed, and also picked up a leaflet about them. How much does she rock!

Dinner was great. Dessert was, too.

Had a long chat with Dagmar de Cassan from Austria as well, and with Klemens and his wife Andrea as well. As with so much of this trip, it’s like I have known these people forever. Or longer than a few hours, anyway.

Met Peter Eggert, who I have skyped with but not met in person before. E and I are hoping to try Heads of State tomorrow. (I also need to buy Duck Dealer if it exists, be at Lookout Games just after 10am and at 3pm, be at 5-55 at 5:55, play LeHavre with my Hippo, … oops …)

Eventually left at 11ish, hit up the ATM (figured it will be OMGSOBUSY by tomorrow) and came back to my hotel. Blogging and photos, but bed by 2, I have promised myself. After standing all day, my legs are incredibly sore. But happy. 

Oh yes, so happy.

Games I am bringing home, so far:

– Saboteur (Hungarian edition)

– some playroom game (Hungarian edition)

– Quick (Kosmos)

– Black Stories (EN edition) – for Biggie

– Sylla

– Space Alert

– Ghost Stories

– Snow Tails

– Down Under

– Flaschenteufel

– OMG I have not picked up a copy of OMGLEHAVRE!!! yet!!!


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8 responses to “October 22 2008 – Wednesday

  1. Gery

    October 23, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Thanks for all your great photos, as well as all your OMGhowdoyouevermanage all this too? Don’t you sleep? I know, I know – having children demonstrates that sleep is a luxury and not a necessity. Spiel does make you thankful for that training!

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. If you think Spiel is awesome already – wait till you see it with people!

  2. Fraser

    October 23, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    There will be a spanking if you forget to bring home Le Havre 🙂

  3. Nikolas Coukouma

    October 23, 2008 at 2:53 pm

  4. melissainau

    October 23, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Gery, I think there is no doubt that I am running on adrenaline.

    Tuesday night I managed to get about 7 hours’ sleep which is pretty good going.

    Wednesday (last) night, I only got about 5 – because I woke up at stupid o’clock and can’t get back to sleep.

    I figure, I have 24 hours of plane travel for sleeping 🙂

    Fraser – and it will be from Hanno first!

    Nikolas – thankyou! I have changed the link in my post, too.

  5. Gil

    October 24, 2008 at 4:13 am

    Space Alert! You lucky person you!

  6. Paul O'Connor

    October 24, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Those photos are like water in the desert for those of us unable to attend the show. Thanks so much and keep them coming, please!

  7. David Carlile

    October 24, 2008 at 11:10 am

    I am arriving on Saturday from UK
    Will there by any Le Havre (Australian-english-?) left?
    Are you able to reserve one with the stall?
    Thanks for your help and reporting

  8. melissainau

    October 24, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks, Gil. You’ll get to play it with OMGFRASER at OMGBGGCON.

    Thanks to you too, Paul. Remember, I have YEARS of acute OMGESSEN! envy to make up for 🙂

    David – I will see if it is possible. I don’t know how many pallets we had for the fair. My guess would be that the unreserved copies are at least mostly gone, but come by and see.


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